Bring home the bacon

Crispy bacon can’t trump crispy duck, obv.  But, it does rate tres highly in the Lita list of edible delights.  

Hell, I’ve been blogging so long now, this is my 327684th post on the beauty of bacon.  And I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of difficult decisions I have easily made, helped along by my What would bacon do spinner.

Of course, the cat and I intend to start International Bacon Day off tomorrow with a bowl of bacon cornflakes.  Kapai kai.

Keep both your carnivore colleagues and your vegetarian vorkmates satisfied with these breakfast-inspired cufflinks.

Or, just out and out revolt ’em all with your raw bacon briefcase.

Cover your cut with imitation streaky bacon plaster strips.

Going on a trip?  Ensure your luggage stands out from the rest, rely on bacon!

Oo, and don’t forget your wallet. 

Click here to see more bacony goodness.


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