8 Most obnoxious internet commenters

This article totally cracks me up. 

Particularly with the latest bunch of intelligent, eloquent and well-considered comments on my old Ross Kemp on Gangs: Mongrel Mob post.

#7  The Macho Man

Typical Comment:

“Holy shit!!!!!! That was fukin awsome! but IF that guy did that to me id kill him fuk”

Who Are They?

We think this guy is the same ‘roid-monkey, blond-haired, fake tan, lip-pouting douche bag who made your high school life hell. He is the same guy who would have called you “dweeb” if you lived in a 1980’s teen movie.

Click here to view the excellent Cracked‘s Insane True Story of the Birth of the Internet, aka The Web of Folly.  “Tell me, do the words ‘two girls, 1 cup’ mean anything to you?”   



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