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Tribute to Paul Newman

For the 4,276,537th time, YouTube so very much rocks.

Next time I food shop, a couple of Paul’s salad dressing bottles are going to find their way into my trolley.


My fruit bowl spilleth over and my bread basket weaves

More shenanigans from industrious food.  This time, egg and flour shine.

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Perfect Ping Ponging

These are some mad ping pong ball skills.

Skateboarder Billy Marks has small bouncy balls.

Illustrated fetish philias

Dustinland has heaps of excellent comics and illustrations.  Some are more pervy than others.

One man’s phobia is another man’s philia.

Still Fruity

More of the fruity goodness sculpted into scenes that please.

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Gin: Under my skin

Gin Wigmore was the young kiwi girl from Devonport who entered and won the prestigious ISC International Song Writing Contest in 2005, with a heartfelt song written at 16 about the passing of her Father.

Gin (full name Virginia) beat out 11,000 entrants, making her the youngest ever and the only unsigned artist to win the grand prize.  She is now 21 and recently released a 5 track debut album on Island Records Australia, she is totally set to hit big.

I love Under My Skin, which has thankfully been overplayed on C4 and was picked up to accompany TV1’s Paralympic coverage.  Gin’s breathy raspy vocals have been described by critics as ‘whiskey and dry’. 

The vid for Under My Skin is a mesmorising hyperactive fashion show, although some uptight YouTubers have made comments about Gin’s dance styles, likening her to a crackhead and/or Amy Winehouse.  Jeesh.  Some folk have no appreciation for high energy and nifty filming techniques.  This song and vid just make me so happy.

That Gin sure has some tres coolio t-shirts.  I think she’s gorgeous, talented, husky-voiced and has great fashion sense.  I am officially in crush.

Catch Gin touring in NZ at the beginning of December, supporting John Mellencamp and Sheryl Crow. 

It seems the whole Wigmore whanau are tres talented, Gin’s sister Lucy is an actress on Shortland St.

Scrabble Skirt

Double fashion score.  This skirt rocks.

Click here for the pattern and instructions to make your own scrabble skirt.

My scrabble score sux, but I still love the skirt.

Pholph’s Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble© Score is: 4.
What is your score? Get it here.