Lita v Daily Star

Open request for legal advice follows. 

You know you want to stir it, so send me a comment using a giant silver spoon, and give me advice on what to do with this semi-interesting tidbit.

It seems that UK tabloid, Daily Star, have been stealing my shiz.  Outrageous eh?

Nup, the telly’s safe, the cat’s still here, and no reject in their right mind would try and nab my 648395 year old car.  Nope, the shiz I speak of is my intellectual property.  (Oo, it’s been forever since I got to drop the ole IP into a sentence.  I like how it makes me sound intellectual.  Does too.  Don’t argue with me, you aren’t here for that, just keep reading, then give me free legal advice.)

Ms Prozac of NZ Reality TV has unearthed a recent piece published by the Daily Star where their cheeky, lazy journos have stolen extracts of an interview I did with our own hottie dancing snowboarder, Hayley Holt, back in 2007.   

The Daily Star says that Hayley is “expecting romance” during her stint on Strictly Come Dancing next month and goes on to quote a supposed interview with Hayley, where she coincidentally uses exactly the same phrasing as she did with me last year, answering questions about NZ’s Dancing with the Stars

Before jetting to the UK Hayley told everyone there would be no showmances, but Daily Star is reporting that she told them:

“The dancers have to make do with who they get given,” Holt told the Daily Star. “It’s a bit nerve-wracking before you find out who they’ve paired you with.

“I think the producers try to match up people who might make headlines – romance possibilities. It is all part of their cunning plan.”

Liar, liar, pants on fire!  This was part of a 2007 interview that Hayley gave before she hooked up with All Blacks captain hunkalicious Richie McCaw. The interview was never given to the Daily Star and was about DWTS, not Strictly Come Dancing.

Hmmn.  Dodgy or what? 

So, what do I do about it?  Can I sue?  Can I insist on the journo in question being publicly stoned, and not in the good way?  Does this mean I am now big time?  Don’t snigger, you look ugly when you do that.

Sure, other bloggers ‘borrow’ stuff all the time.  Why, even lil ole loveable Lita has a tendency to enjoy a turn of phrase written by someone else and then attempt to recall and repeat it at a later stage, with minimal kudos given to the originator.  Although I do tend to advise folk in their comments box that I have already totally stolen their sentence, have used it 392879 times with the cat and my Mother, and that means it’s now mine.  Honest, open thievery.   That’s what I’m talking about.

I’ve already seen plenty of my shiz regurgitated by the news stations or on Bridget Saunder’s blog, I even got a mispelt link from Ana Samways on the NZ Herald’s Sideswipe page sometime last year.  At least she (attempted to, or did she?) linked to me – unlike the others, and now the blimmin British Bloids are doing it too!  Damned cheek.

It looks very much like the Daily Star have just out and out pretended my hard-earned* interview with the Holtster is their work.  So, back to the real question … can I cause unmitigated stirring and poo-towards-fan action by contacting the tabloid, putting on my lawyerly voice (tres different from my undertakerly voice), and kick up a minor stink?  Is there money in this?** 

Leave any advice or templates for pretend lawyerly letters in my comments box.  Alternatively, just send porn to my email addy.*** 

* Don’t ask.

** For me, Lita.  Remember – your advice is free. TYVM

*** “Dear Lita, you can’t sue a Bloid, you stupid, ignorant goat.  Watch this though …”  etc.

5 responses to “Lita v Daily Star

  1. WOW you are the internationally recongised source for interviews with Hayley Holt.

    Damn them for stealing bits of it though, I doubt you would get far with suing them, they probably have a crack shot legal team, and im not too sure about your situation, but if your cat is high on the list of legal representation for yourself it might not be the best.

    But i would definetly bail up the person that wrote it, and ask for some credit.

  2. lil_miz_cheeky

    Sue them! (my b.f. speaks)

  3. It is straightforward plagiarism – theft of your words and your interview. You should sue. You need lawyers, guns and money.

  4. its worth writing the journo and editor and getting heavy on it. you could get some hush money, its to late for credit. threaten to send all evidence to thier direct competition..
    thier business is to buy and sell stories and pictures and they have not paid to use your product. for them its finacialy sound to not offer money untill they are asked for it.

  5. I have lawyerly voices, gums and sunny (attitude). I hoped that would be enough.

    I may attempt an outraged letter this weekend, depends on how much knitting I get done.

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