Scallops Ahoy!

Crab claws crossed that the weather holds for a fabulous Whitianga Scallop Festival this weekend. 

The main ticket day has sold out, but some VIP seats have become available for Saturday

Check out the rad pics from previous festivals.  The kaimoana is incredible. 

Authorities are on full alert as a highly contagious dose of Scallop Fever breaks out around the upper North Island.

Officials expect a large part of the population of Auckland, Hamilton and other NZ cities to be off work later this week as they flock to Whitianga for an antidote to this mysterious virus.

Medical officials say the only cure is eating as many fresh scallops as possible and washing them down with a couple of bottles of Monteith’s.  Dozens of boats have left for sea to stock up for the influx! 

If you are there already, don’t forget that Scallop Idol is on tonight, down at Smitty’s Sports Bar and Grill.  A night unlike any other, surely.


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