Shattering images, breaking art

German photographer Martin Klimas destroys a lot of things to make his art, taking still life to a violent next level. 

Exploding porcelain figurines and ceramic vases create temporary sculptures, and Klimas’ high speed photography catches every intricate millisecond of all that energy.

Check out an interesting interview with Klimas here.  His sexy website is here.

The shooting environment must be controlled and kept consistent. The lighting is clear and direct, head on. My background is neutral, but bright enough so that the shattering object completely stands out. I drop the figurine from the same height in complete darkness while the lens of the camera is open. When the figurine hits the ground, the sound triggers the lights to go off for a fraction of a second. I do this procedure many times or until I find the one frame that is just right. I keep just one such picture for every figurine.


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