Recipe for Gold: Beef, Lamb and Poi E – hold the TVNZ coverage

Vegetarians all over New Zealand should take note.  There’s no way Beef and Lamb Evers-Swindell would’ve won Gold without a bit of meat in their diet. 

And there’s no way Val Vili’s massive arms are pumped full of carrots and tabuleh.  Oh yes, meat was the winner on the day.  And Poi E.

The back of the medals each have a jade inset

It’s about time someone released a Poi E remix, non?  I can dust off my poi in a matter of seconds.  Just give me the word.

Congratulations to all our Olympic successes.  

Ignore the dodgy TVNZ coverage, with commentators trying to get Mahe Drysdale to blame his illness for a respectable bronze medal effort, and where the rowing expert called the lane numbers as the Evers-Swindell race placings.  Duh! 

Does anyone else do a double take every time Peter hands over to Toni Street?  It’s like TVNZ realised Tony Veitch was out, so purposefully found the closest sounding name reporter they could find to make our ears prick up every time she is crossed to.   

Although, that theory would mean that Toni Street is actually a real-life reporter.  I totally have to question that, what with her evil interview style; she crossed the line for Lita when she told the crying womens rowing pair (who placed 5th) that they have no hope at the next Olympics either.  Miaow.  Keep your predictions of the future to yourself Toni wannabe-Veitchy Street; congratulate the athletes, ask questions about the race, then eff off with your rude remarks about the next games.  One Olympics at a time, eh?  Jeesh.

So, back to the celebrating – Lita loved attempting to sing our National Anthem in Te Reo Maori, and impressing the cat with an estimated 35% accuracy rate. 

The girls won Gold.  I, meanwhile, invented Maoriha, the successful mixing of Maori and Pakeha languages to create a noise that sounds like Te Reo to the uninformed.


12 responses to “Recipe for Gold: Beef, Lamb and Poi E – hold the TVNZ coverage

  1. Somebody should kill Keith Quinn. Has he just gotten awful recently, or was he always this bad? Nearly everything he said last night made me cringe.

  2. Great, so animal exploitation wins the day?
    A victory for animal oppression?
    Go New Zealand?!
    You cannot possibly know if they would have won with a vegetarian diet. You have no evidence whatsoever.
    Al Oerter, vegetarian, discus thrower, won four Olympic gold medals for the US – in 1956, 1960, 1964.
    Heard of Carl Lewis?
    There are so many vegan and vegetarian athletes, so we can perform. It’s hard to say wether it’s their biology, their diet, their training, their determination, or their luck that makes them succeed.
    If a New Zealand athlete won gold and had a diet consisting entirely of babies would you say “baby flesh was the winner on the day”?
    Carnists of New Zealand should take note.
    Power through oppression is pathetic, continue to believe propaganda from beef and lamb NZ.

  3. Personally I find baby flesh stirfried in a teriyaki sauce and served with pickled ginger delicious and invigourating. The flavours work well with a nice pinot noir. The best baby flesh is of course vegetarian-reared – this tends to make them more tender and flavoursome.


  4. i recon if mahe drysdale had stuck to a nice meat diet then he would have got gold also

  5. Heard of Carl Lewis?
    yep, quite likely one of the biggest drug cheats ever:
    “In 2003 revelations of failed drug tests by Lewis before the 1988 Seoul Olympics put the validity of his achievements into question”.

    he should have stuck with lamb.

  6. Poor Anon.

    I remember when I tried the Vegetarian lifestyle, I too became unusually angry at the world. I also became angry at plants, for daring to grow so flavourlessly. Where’s the beef-weed and Porksparagus, I ask you?

    As for me, I’m just not feeling the national pride this time around.

    I will say though, I cackled maniacally while watching the Australian Synchronised Divers flip into the water WAY off their timing.

  7. The Chinese have won so many medals because they have a special diet of Baby Herbal Soup, at least according to the good, never-tells-lies Interwebs:

    (L, shameless blogwhoring rule applies here too, EM)

  8. lockedgroove

    Porksparagus – that would be so awesome. i hate rolling my asparagus in bacon – its such a chore.

  9. Hmmn. All my vegetarian minions laughed heartily at my meatrosities. Oh well, just goes to show you can’t please all the vegetarians all of the time.

  10. TONI STREET! TVNZ & Kiwi Shame…..absolute embarrassment!!!!

  11. YES!!!Definately Keith Quinn should’ve been shot along with the doctor who delivered him.He desparately needs to go to TVNZ Media retraining night-school,what a HUGE embarassment to all New Zealanders.He should stick to his life insurance policy ads!!!

  12. I gotta say when I read this I initially thought you were being sarcastic. ‘Cause there are vegan bodybuilders out there, vegan triathletes, etc. …
    ( )

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