Outside In at The Secret Garden

Here’s something to do on le weekend.   

Outside In is a unique concept for a dance music event. The idea is to create an outdoor event atmosphere in a unique indoor venue during winter.

This years event is set to be exceptional with one of the finest venues in the country booked; The Secret Garden.  Nestled in the Auckland CBD, it’s a venue that truly lives up to the idiom ‘it must be seen to be believed’.  The Secret Garden is located at the corner of Wellesley and Nelson Streets.

This is a unique event that runs from 6pm till midnight- use it as a warm up for your night out or have a whole evening of music and be home in bed by 1am!

The Secret Garden is the best kept secret venue in Aucks.  Open fires, trees growing inside, tiles and tinkery, shiny stuff all over the place.  I absolutely love it, but beware the tree roots trip up hazard on the dance floor.

Up FM rock my socks.  I love listening to them on Sunday arvos, dancing about whilst cooking the roast.


2 responses to “Outside In at The Secret Garden

  1. Do you know of anything happening the following two weekends? I am in NZ for them. Excitement!

  2. Oo, Lil Red returns home for hols! I shall have to think on this one … tis quiet in the big town this time of year.

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