Teeny Tiny Olympic Teams & Faking it for Gold

Who are the fools that imagined for one whole second that the little girl who sang at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics was for real?  I spotted the cute lil’ faker right from the start.  

I told the cat outright that the little girl on our screen was but a clever technical trick, mostly done with fireworks, a vivid marker and hundreds of sequins and safety pins. 

What was less obvious were those big ole crazy burning feet.  You’d think if you were going to the trouble of faking them, you’d make them more attractive, or give them toes and toenails or something.   Non?  Maybe I have high expectations.

Meanwhile Russia v Georgia on the beach volleyball court got ugly.  Big time.  Uhuh, politics has no place in sport, you say?  Insert Tui Ad here.

Mashable has this sweet post on supporting the teensy countries who have only one or two athletes representing them, because of a lack of funds or a small population to meet qualification criteria.

Click here to check out Satellite images and Google Maps of Beijing.  If you have been moved to plan a holiday in Beijing or are there right now, check out these 20 ideas of things to do in Beijing.

3 responses to “Teeny Tiny Olympic Teams & Faking it for Gold

  1. i remember at the time thinking it was suicidal having helicopters in the air with fireworks everywhere – now it all make sence. digital editing or not it still was so amazing – i cant understand why people are complaining..

    re: volleyball – having the President personally giving the brazilian girls citizenship does not make them Georgian (techniqualy maybe. i would have complained also – pity the russian girls got all political about it though. i think they had a right to be pissed off. they got beaten by brazilians wearing georgian uniforms.

    if there is one thing i hate more than sports, then it is sports ringers!

  2. Lita, love the biting humour, I have another take on the teeny-tiny olympic teams – the girls with arrested development in the gymnastics.
    And…there was another Chinese fake there too according to media reports.
    May I indulge in some self-promotion and point your readers to it:

    of course, you may delete this if it is unseemly and blogwhorish

  3. Blogwhore away, you’re not quite hitting my spam-o-meter, so you may as well use it.

    I wanted to boycott the Lympics, but got all caught up in the gymnastics and now I’m practically on the edge of my seat waiting for TVNZ to say something else insulting or ignorant to athletes/other’s cultures/our culture/Lympic organisers. It should be a sport.

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