Animal Pharm

Check out Patrick Moberg’s excellent site and his humorous, astute Animal Pharm gallery, where hip hop rapsters are mashed up with animals that relate to a play on names with the rapper’s stage monikers.

Patrick became famous for creating a website, making a video and posting a sketch of a girl he had a crush on after spying her on the NY subway.  Patrick pleaded for folk to help him find the girl, they did, and the girl and him lived happily ever, oh, um, no they didn’t.  Bums, how cool would that have been?  Gawker has the full story hereLaughing Squid has a parody and updates.

No word on how the Piggie Smalls piece goes down.

Many of Patrick’s illustrations can be bought as t-shirts.  The Moo-tang Clan cracks me hard.


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