Token Ginga World Record Bungy Jump Attempt

T minus 2d for Mike Heard aka Token Ginga. 

Mike plans to bungy jump repeatedly off the Auckland Harbour Bridge from 6am on Friday, hoping to beat the Guiness world record for the most bungy jumps in 24 hours. 


The current record is held by a South African, Bill Boshoff, who managed 101 jumps in 14 hours and 23 minutes back in ’02.

Mike has already notched up 50 jumps, but now hopes to triple that amount in one day.  You can show your support for Mike by donating to Kids Can, the Cure Kids charity.  Read and leave comments on Mike’s blog here.


3 responses to “Token Ginga World Record Bungy Jump Attempt

  1. Lets just hope he doesn’t end up like Trevor Newsworthy.

  2. Oh man! James, you made both me and Uncy Goog work hard, but we got there. And now my sides hurt so hard, classic name-drop. Yes, let’s hope there are no surprise proposals or technical hitches.

    Does the R stand for Random?

  3. 15 minutes with the dictionary and the most interesting word I could find was Radical.

    I’m not on the ball today at all.

    I’m using my real name and hoping to snag myself an internet predator to call my own.

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