Magic spray waterproofs your gadgets

This stuff is gonna be revolutionary.  I’m not even gonna tell you how many times my mobile phone/pedometer/remote control has ended up down the loo drowning in booze overboard. 

This magical spray, not yet available to Joe Public, apparently protects any electronic gadgets like your iPod, laptop and mobile phone from liquid, making them completely waterproof. 

Once you spray it onto your phone, then drop the phone into water, the water-resistant coating ensures any liquid stays out of your phone electronics.  Your phone will function as it did before, but now it can do it all underwater!  Coolio Julio.  Say hello to texting while swimming, surfing and showering.

Check out the amazing vid of the magic Splash Proof Coating at work at Gizmodo.


8 responses to “Magic spray waterproofs your gadgets

  1. Hopefully, it will also contain sticky stuff to prevent you from accidentally dropping it into the toilet or wherever. Heh.

  2. Woohoo say goodbye to drunkenly dropping my phone in puddles on rainy Friday nights!!

    I have lost 4 phones to the puddle monster.

  3. Mad – Yip, or water-free toilets. Almost everything I own has seen the inside of a loo at some point. Note to self: take kitchen sink out of pocket before peeing.

    James – Puddles!? Four phones!? Jeesh. You must live in Auckland. I want them to invent something that stops me drunkenly falling into puddles. It could attach to the bottom of my shoe or something. Or, I want someone to invent dry puddles. Why aren’t people working on this shiz already?

  4. I saw a thing on sky about this powder that evaporates water instantly!

    Or I might’ve imagined it, I watch a lot of informercials before bed and then dream about made products. It’s hard to tell the difference after awhile. I am a bit of a consumer whore when it comes to informercials.

  5. Perfick, I need to emit that powder everywhere I go, except bars.

    I hate how much my eyes love informercials. That ladder one thats on a lot at the moment has me obsessed, 48692 ladders in one, all sold to me by a man in female clothing. His outfit has me mesmorised, it’s so ghastly. Then I reach for the phone and buy another ladder.

  6. I know! I want a ladder that I can stand on the top of with a tray for my cup of tea and/or coffee! Nevermind that I have no actual use for a ladder (Except the days when I lock myself outside!)

    Who knows, it might be fun to stand on a ladder drinking my tea and/or coffee outside at 6am in my pyjamas in the freezing cold!

    I’m thinking not though.

    I need to go buy a Magic Bullet now.

  7. You get 3 trays free if you buy the 8326587 ladders in one deal. Jeesh, I should be getting commission for this. Or, be institutionalised. Cos now all I want is a magic bullet, or at minimum the magic bullet ad to come on telly now.

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