Snap! Brains = Rhythm is a dancer

Brains from the Thunderbirds feels the mean beats in this adorable advert. 

Turn your sound up loud and watch him go.  Brains and hot moves, this puppet is a winner.

4 responses to “Snap! Brains = Rhythm is a dancer

  1. He’s great eh? Those Tracy Brothers totally stole Brains thunder. Punintentional.

  2. This song still contains the worst lyric ever written:

    “I’m serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer.”


  3. Oo Snap, Blair! Cancer is tres serious. And surely Fergie’s ‘London Bridge’ is worse than trying to seriously assert that rhythm is a dancer. Which, it is.

    I guess they could’ve been as serious as prancer (one of the more stoic of Santa’s reindeer) or as serious as a lancer (which is a very serious car from the Mitsubishi range).

    You gotta remember, Snap! were the folk that brought us ‘Oops up side your head, say oops up side your head’ – I’ve always assumed their German to English dictionary was crap. Bless.

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