Lego recreates Beijing Olympics 2008

How tres current am I?   Check out the brick work that went on over a 100 hour period by some lego enthusiasts.  You already know I’m a lego nerd.

This Olympics nonsense already has me losing sleep, as the cat oo’s and ahh’s at the gymnasts on telly late into the night.  Although, I am interested in anything that allows me a peek of local countryside and a perv at the amazing constructions that house the events.

The LEGO Olympics has small scale replicas of the events buildings such as the Bird’s Nest stadium, the Water Cube swimming centre and the Olympic Village.   Genius.

More pics here and here.


4 responses to “Lego recreates Beijing Olympics 2008

  1. LEGO does it again.

  2. Aye, I’m resisting being a bastard myself and pointing out that LEGO may have even done it better than the real thing. I dunno how I became so cynical about the Lympics. It’s probably cos of those damn Aussies from back in ’00.

  3. I wonder if any of those tiny lego people outside the birds nest are mini lego-scalpers or mini lego-protestors holding lego signs that say “Free Tibet”

    I think I see some police lego-brutality on the left there.

  4. Oh James, you had me at mini lego-scalpers.

    I vote this for comment of the year (s0 far, no pressure James).

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