Aja Rock, Joe Cotton and that photograph

Classic!  I’m still guffawing after watching this vid.  Want the goss? 

Ok.  So, Aja Rock has posed for a few raunchy pics over her lifetime.  Quelle surprise?  Non, I didn’t think so.  Wait!  That’s not the gossip.

Somehow former pop star, Joe Cotton, got her mitts on a few of the pics, and displaying some major ill feeling toward Aja, freely distributed them to the world.  Even lil’ ole me has seen them – they are tres porny horny.

So, recently C4’s Special Features did a piece on the NZ celebrity party scene, where both Cotton and Rock were in attendance, doing what they do best.  Rather hilariously, the presenter asked both Joe and Aja about the pics, and at some point they were caught exchanging stilted greetings for the camera.  Absolutely classique; if looks could kill, half the folk in that room would be dead.  

Big ups to Phil Bostwick for having stirry balls, presumably (judging by the scarf) hundreds of hickeys and for getting out of that party alive.

Hysterical laughter emanated from the C4 editing suite as they worked on the latest edition of Special Features.

There is obviously no love lost between Aja and Joe, so one has to wonder how Joe got ahold of the pics in the first place. Am I being totally suggestive when I ponder that perhaps there once was a large love between the two nzlebs?  Thought so.  Can’t help it though; is Joe a woman scorned?  And is she a handy amateur photographer?  According to Celebrity Joker Poker, both Rock and Cotton hail from Vancouver, so maybe someonething went down in Canadia? 

Click here to view the vid.  The nzleb partae action starts at 00:58, the stuck-between-a-Rock-and-a-Cotton-place questions start at 02:57.  Check out a transcript of the uncomfy exchange between the party girls here.

Let Lita know if you have any details about this ongoing feud, send email or leave me a comment, you filthy holdouts.  Or just congratulate me for avoiding Rock, Paper Cotton, Scissors jokes.


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