Rain, much?

A couple of the rocket scientists at Lita’s office spent 18 hours without electricity over the past weekend.  Imagine, no telly?!  Who cares about hot water and kai, they had no friggin telly!  None, nada, nien, no way, zip zop on the televisuals. 

Another work colleague had to contend with falling trees as he navigated a dangerous drive home during the worst of the storm.   Only to get home to … no telly!  Ugh.  When good rain turns bad. 

The bus lane is quicker, but wetter.

All of these dramatic anecdotes and pictures make Lita’s story about the wonky fence falling down seem minor and tres trivial.

Word of the week: Weatherbomb

Keep warm and dry folks.  Ride the storm.  Make love, not puddles.  Or, make love in puddles.  Say no to weatherbombs.  Avoid ferries and boats.  Gumboots are the new black.  Black gumboots however, are tres LY, avoid.  The wet look is the new gumboot.  Kia kaha.


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