Five famous literary pervs

Check out this post on 5 famous authors and why they were perverts.

Lewis Carroll, writer of Alice in Wonderland, makes number 5 for his love of young girls.

Yes, much like Michael Jackson’s undying love for young boys, Lewis Carroll loved young girls – but only English girls, American girls were too rude for his tastes and boys were absolutely disgusting nude. Yes, nude. You see, he loved taking pictures of young girls in basements, naked, spread out across a bed and would then go home and write about “the inclinations of my sinful heart”.

Author of The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, makes number 1 for his foot fetish and his misogyny.

Fitzgerald is most famous for his foot fetish, but even that completely pales in comparison to the sheer amount of dickery he heaped upon his wife and got off on. He credited his wife’s vagina with his only truly successful book.  He orchestrated an affair just so he could base a character off his wife’s suffering.

Read up on other crazy and drunk authors here.


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