Safety Dance

With lyrics like we can dance, everybody look at your hands, Safety Dance by Men Without Hats was always gonna be one of my faves.  Ask anyone, I’m forever looking at my hands whilst dancing.  It could be written for me, if I wasn’t 3862 years too young.  I am so.

The video is a classic, an all time funny.


4 responses to “Safety Dance

  1. I love when this comes up on the you choose 40 on C4 randomly.

  2. Hmph, why am I not surprised they’re Canadian? Well, I’ll see your Men Without Hats and raise you a Devo on my blog. ;o)

  3. That’s what made me post the vid actually Snice, caught the end of it on C4 late at night – twas a great end of evening treat, giggled my way to sleep.

    Damn you Blair, that Devo vid was good, I fold. Even though I had little people and Canadians.

  4. gold, mint, everybody look at your hands?? pangs of desire to see the entire middle wallop Morris dancers troupe out and waving their handkerchiefs in force.

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