Vodafone hate their customers

They must do!  Why the hell treat us so bad, otherwise?

Recently I received this text from Vodafone: 

Fm 1 Aug it will be $1 per call to talk to Cust Service on Prepay.  You can still manage yr mob free online.  For other ways 2manage yr mob &more info freecall 440

Firstly, if those tightasses are gonna use txt speak to communicate with me, you’d think they would try to make it at least follow some kind of convention.  Jeesh, a solid 2 minutes wasted while brain attempted to translate Fm

Secondly, are they insane?

You can’t charge me to speak with a customer service call centre, freaks.  I already pay.  In fact I prepay (don’t laugh, some of us don’t have many friends).  Also the very definition of customer service means that you service me, le customer.  Jeesh, do I have to explain every blimmin simple thing?

I rang them, of course, if nowt else Lita is tres generous with her customer service consultancy, and the poor love who took my call didn’t have any competent answer for why a good, honest company would all of a sudden start charging for a service that is in their interest to run.  I asked if I was really going to be charged if I chose to ring customer service in order to up my plan, i.e. pay them more dosh.  I asked if it was reasonable for me to be charged when I ring them to advise of technical or invoicing issues. 

After much discussion, poor love realised her repeated requests weren’t going to get me to fill in a complaint form online, so she promised to get a manager to call me back to discuss Vodafone’s customer service policy.  Oh yes, I asked for the brains behind it all.  “I want to speak to your strategy people who came up with the policy.”  Poor love asked me to spell strategy.  Hmmn.

Needless to say, noone called me back.  I was probably charged for the call, damned cheek. 

Meanwhile Uncle Goog showed me that I was not alone.  Kiwi blogger Consumist also thinks Vodafone totally suck for trying to wheedle cash for calls to their customer service line. 

I decided to ring up and find out why, and I was told this charge was to “improve customer service”, the poor guy couldn’t tell me how it was going to improve customer service. Maybe it’s because eventually Vodafone is going to piss off so many customers that they will leave and go else where and customers service will improve because they will have less calls and realise that they need to look after their customers and so things will improve.

Exacka-actly!  So, Lita is moving mobile phone providers.  This is biiig for lil ole me.  I’ve never known anyone else other than Vodafone.  I’m the girl that still has her 11 year old hotmail addy in use.  Up until quite recently, I had managed to keep the same landline phone number despite several moves in and out of the country.  Change and I take time to make friends. But, I’m ready for it.  Stuff ’em.  I aint paying for the privilege of speaking to a customer call centre.  I shall move to a company who realises this is the minimum they should be offering.   

I intend to text Vodafone the news, for fear of being charged to speak to them:



8 responses to “Vodafone hate their customers

  1. Good luck on “having a manager contact you” I think that’s Vodafonespeak for “stuffoffandstopbotheringme” if you ever hear from anyone update us please! I have emailed Vodafone a number of times about problems and the most I have ever got was an automated email response.

  2. I have been with Vodafone for ages too, but after having numerous run ins with retarded call center ops who have even been abusive I have finally had enough- even though it galls me to join Telecom. Maybe I will get rid of the mobile altogether…

  3. Vodafone dont just screw you on their phones. We were trying to hook up with their broadband and after 3 weeks were finally told they could nt bring it to where we live.

    Do you know who told us this?
    Vodafone sent out a TELECOM service man, in full Telecom regalia. THen he proceeded to tell us not only is Vodafone shit but we should contact Whoosh.

  4. I smell a petition, or a march through Vfone’s cafeteria.

    Pulani – that cracked me up, cos I have had quite a few probs with Woosh, and they sent round Telecom to fix ’em!

    I’m gonna attempt another try by telephone today.

  5. Been with Vodafone for just over 3 months for home phone & BB. I am staggered at the awful attitude of this company towards their customers. I am locked in for a year’s contract or I would be on my way tomorrow. After more than ten years on the Internet I have tried most ISPs at one tme or another, and this lot is hands down the absolute worst outfit I have ever struck! I am 64 years old and have seen just about any firm with this sort of attitude just fade away. I got so disgusted with them I was even tempted to break the contract and pay the penalty, but at $199 it’s a bit steep for me to do so – as it is no doubt intended to be. The service and friendliness was awesome until I signed up, and then it all went south once they had got me locked in. In 9 months I’ll be out of there, and they will probably sit there wondering why – if they even bother that is!

  6. i have been lied to by Vodafone and I am so angry that I dont know what to do with it. They firstly lied to me on selling me the contract (no you dont have to pay to access voicemail, but I did) then they lied to me that i would get a new phone if this one is irreparable. and now i have to pay for it… and so it goes on. when i asked them to get a recording of the calls ie “customers pls note we record our calls for training purposes” they lied again .. they dont record all their calls just a few ..

    argh. I am going to do what I can to get out of this contract and make as much trouble as possible

  7. join 2degrees

    well there’s a third mobile network now. just join 2degrees where they have FREE customer service 🙂

  8. Vodafone is the devil. Recieved a text from saying that calls to Australlian landlines are $2 for 60 mintues. Tried to call my friend 11 times (Gosh!) with the right area codes and everything and was repeatedly denied. When i finally got through my phone call was cut dead after 66minutes. I had $10.02 prior to the call, and .02 cents afterwards. No mention on that promotion text that it costs you nearly $1 for every minute after the first 60!!!!! Had to get an IOU to call customer services, which is the dumbest thing ever, only to be told by the ignorant woman on the line that I had been charged for phonecalls I had never made. Needless to say, the lady recieved an earful from me and 2 Degrees recieved a shameless plug.

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