Tony Veitch no longer kicks off the day

So, Veitchy is no longer kicking off the day at Radio Sport or working for TVNZ.  

Don’t feel too sorry for him, he gets to collect a final salary that most of us would be pleased to earn in a year.  The Granny estimates his final pay packet to be at least $65k.  Nice job, if you don’t bash your ex and pay $$$ to try to hide it can keep it.

Cruel but funny

Tony Veitch should so fire his PR peop, anyone with brains could see he couldn’t continue in his high profile roles, and that the public would consider his media statement to be hollow, shallow and fact-vacant. 

The victim has finally made a formal complaint with Police, and Tony is apparently facing a nervous wait to see if he will be charged.  Jeesh, someone needs to advise this guy to get thee to a Cop Shop.  Don’t wait for them Tony, look deep deep inside yourself, and realise good things don’t come to those who wait.  Ahem, the last two years, case in point. 

The only chance for redemption, at this stage, is full disclosure, and do it before you’re pushed. Although, I do think Veitchy will have to move to somewhere like Zimbabwe to get back on le telly.  All good though.  The ‘President’ there lurves the bash, and the public have too little electricity to waste it on googling NZ news.


One response to “Tony Veitch no longer kicks off the day

  1. The judge will say he’s been punished enough by all the publicity (remember Lion Man), that he’s obviously sorry (counselling + compensation), be sentenced to community service and escape jail or at most do 30 days.

    Then, he’ll go on the public speaking circuit talking about how he’s mended his woman beating ways, release his autobiography (Hit Me Baby One More Time), go on Dancing with The Stars and sell his own range of concealer (it really covers the bruises) with thousands of luminous spheres and be back on telly in no time.

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