51 blurs on the Google Map landscape

Interesting post on IT Security about the 51 known blurred out or prohibited places on Google Maps.

Here are some of the more fascinating blurs.

18. The Boring Home

Aaron and Christine Boring of Pennsylvania, USA claimed that Google Maps’ Street View feature violated their privacy, devalued their property and caused them mental suffering by posting images of a private road in front of their house. The Borings said that the images of their home must have been taken from their long driveway, which is labeled “Private Road.”

If I was Lita Boring, I would go wild with my Dymo.  Dig a hole, label it the ‘Boring Hole’.  Throw a party, send an invite to the ‘Boring Party’.  Oh man, endless hours of Dymo fun.  Not at all boring.  (Which could be the label for the neighbour’s house).

22. Sudan

The Google Earth ban in Sudan is reportedly due to U.S. export restrictions and economic-sanctions regulations. Knowledge of the ban spread after Google Earth added info about the humanitarian crisis in Sudan’s Darfur region.

How can you miss an entire country off?  What has blimmin American export restrictions got to do with Google Earth/Maps?

25. Sydney, Australia

Much of inner Sydney still remains blurred. Google says that it removed the high-resolution photos due to a problem with one of the image providers, but Internet publications pointed to fears that the maps could be used as a terrorist tool. Some of the blocked areas include (or have included at some point) The Garden Island Naval Depot, the Lucas Heights Reactor, Parliament House and the Australian Defence Force headquarters in Canberra.

I heart that first sentence.  Much of inner (and outer) Auckland still remains blurred, but not necessarily on Google Maps.

49. William Hurt’s Home

The actor’s home outside of Paris is hazy.

Hurt pays someone to shake his house every time the Google camera folk come nosying round.  Boring wants Hurt to show him how.

50. Playland Amusement Park

Google will not let you in on the fun at this amusement park in Rye, New York, which boasts arcade games and 45 major rides.

You must be too short to ride.  Bummer.

8 responses to “51 blurs on the Google Map landscape

  1. My house is also blurry. I live up in the Riverhead forest in far west auckland and one half is blurred and the other half is crystal clear.


    Area 53?

  2. lockedgroove

    maybe the google peeps want to hide the famed magic mushroom crops of riverhead forest

  3. lockedgroove

    or maybe the CIA are your neighbours

  4. Uhuh, I agree with LG, if it aint you, then it’s gotta be your neighbour. Perhaps there is a secret nuclear research site in Riverhead or a fun park?

  5. Maybe a P lab with the cops on the pay roll?

  6. Interesting about Sydney. As for Auckland, I think they’re just behind the times no offense.

    P.S. You are hilarious.

  7. GP, I sincerely hope for your sake not. That shiz gets everywhere, in a real bad way. But I’m lovin’ the conspiracy theories.

    Ta Lil Red, good to see Sydney hasn’t changed your sense of reality ! When you coming back(wards) to A-town?

  8. Bush=blur.
    If it ain’tin T’xass’n’we’don’own’t
    Nuke it
    Nashunville sekurity is’ur numbrwon priority

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