Buns and Guns

Downtown Beirut has a new sandwich bar, Buns and Guns.  The war-themed restaurant is obvious in its inspiration, from the menu and decor to the names of sandwiches, militaria has taken over. 

A meat sandwich is referred to as an M16 Carbine, a burger is called a Mortar and a veggie snack is known as the Terorist (sic) meal. Potato wedges are Grenades and chicken wings are called Stinger missiles.  Of course.

The eatery, which looks like a military outpost, was designed to be an unconventional hangout, but it also resonates because of recent armed clashes in Beirut and the many tanks and troops deployed in the capital.

“We wanted to create a new, attractive idea inspired from the events that our country went through,” said Yussef Ibrahim, the restaurant’s general manager. “People from all backgrounds come here and find the place amusing.”


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