Pamela Anderson splits for Big Brother

Come on, admit it.  You also wish that one of our telly channels would screen the latest series of Aussie Big Brother.  Pammie was even on it!  Click here to watch Pamela Anderson pose her way into the Big Brother house.

Could it be any more surreal? 

Could Pam be any more desperate? 

Could Big Brother?

Since her hip replacement, Pammie regularly shows off her flexibility (and underwear).

You can see more vids of Pam’s short time at Channel Pamela, which tres interestingly is sponsored by KFC, the fast food chain that Pammie wages a war against on behalf of PETA and beakless chickens.  WTF was she thinking?!  Big Brother managed to keep that lil’ fact quiet for a while, but Pamela got ‘him’ back by refusing to appear nude and actually sleeping in the nearby Versace Hotel.

“Sponsorship is something you don’t look into when you are offered a job,” she said before entering the house.

“I think if the bosses of KFC (in Australia) knew how these animals were treated they would want practices to change.

“When I enter the Big Brother house I won’t have my legs broken or be scalded to death in a tank of hot water. It’s cruel.”


2 responses to “Pamela Anderson splits for Big Brother

  1. She got paid huge money to go on Big Brother. In the interviews she said she thought the sponsorship was a “coincidence”. Yeah right.

  2. I couldn’t believe she was linked to the Colonel. The minute I went to watch the vid, I had to sit through 30 secs of KFC time. Surely Pammie noticed that!?

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