Veitchy and Holmesy up a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g

I knew something was up with Paul Holmes’ revolting lick-ass spiel from the other day.  Turned out he had an exclusive up his sleeve, how very intimate; Tony Veitch, Holmesy and a stark concrete wall.  Does it get any bleaker?

At the last minute, Tony decided not to wear his wifebeater to the interview.

All those creepy commenters lurking in le blogosphere, laying bets that she would be in the women’s mags within a week, must be feeling kinda foolish.  Turned out Tony got in there first, PR evil in action with Paul Holmes barely able to hide his Veitchy hard-on.  Ick. 

Why are those two as thick as thieves?  Anyone wanna take a bet that Paul and Tony have attended a couple of the same P parties in the past?  And I don’t mean the type where you dress up as something beginning with the letter P.

“I remain loyal to Tony Veitch.”

Jeesh. As if Tony doesn’t have enough problems.

5 responses to “Veitchy and Holmesy up a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g

  1. lockedgroove

    paul holmes is such a bottom feeder…

    why is tony dressed like a try hard back street boy? does he live in his car now..

  2. Dem back streets of Herne Bay are well rough LG, well rough, I tells you.

  3. I love Tony’s pose – its so poor me, I’m casual yet sympathetic and demonised, standly sadly in the corner. Sigh….

  4. Hey, don’t be so hard on Veitchy. He has feelings too under the rough masculine persona.

  5. Gail McCreanor

    I hope you get this message.
    I am not happy about what you did to ‘that woman’ BUT I have watched you for years on TV and can see a wonderful, lovely person in you. I know under stress ‘things happen’ and I know ‘if only we could turn the clock back’ BUT

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