Paul Holmes: Oh my gosh! Poor Tony Veitch

While I am pleased Tony Veitch eventually fronted up and apologised, there are still heaps of unanswered questions.  When can you start back at work? is not one of them.  I also think his speech could’ve been a little better, after all, he had over 2 years to draft it. 

Did anyone else think it bizarre that TVNZ have stopped talking to their own News team?  That must make lunch at the canteen a little uncomfy.  I’ve now made the full conversion to TV3 News, the twits at TVNZ should be embarrassed about the obviously omitted top story at the start of this week.

My jaunts around the blogosphere and online forums have uncovered more ugly stories from Veitch’s past, it’s only a matter of time till it all comes out.  Until then, those who are touched by Veitch’s public apology and short poppyness will continue to dribble on about “Poor Tony” and hope he is reinstated to our telly screens shortly.  Ugh. 

Quelle surprise that ugly, old, P-lovin’ fool Paul Holmes has mouthed off on the topic.  Paul feels for Tony “being forced to admit” and assures us he “is going through a terrible hell” and goes on to say “he’s in danger of losing almost everything”.  Um, aloha Holmesy, put down the pipe, fool.  She lost her job and the ability to walk, how’s that for ”complications” and ”exceptional circumstances” ?

Veitchy and Holmesy up a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g

Read my original post: Sports Scandal: you can bash if you have the cash and see my handy apology template for future famous folk who are forced to apologise.

Please circle the applicable:

My sports/television/police career meant I was extremely stressed/tired/irritable and lashed out/broke/raped/retaliated during a terrible/horrible/PR nightmare situation. I’m sorry I got caught/didn’t offer more hush money/my team refused to back me up/you know about it.


53 responses to “Paul Holmes: Oh my gosh! Poor Tony Veitch

  1. Yes Paul Holmes’ comments were stunning. Now is not the time to be supporting Tony The Muss

    The whole thing is bad. Did anyone else notice that the carefully worded apology doesn’t admit to physically harming her and that he says his behaviour is inexcusable and then he starts making excuses?

    The sooner he’s sacked the better.

  2. There are a couple of things that bother me about this event apart from the obviously nasty assault.

    1- She took the money. I understand that she should be compensated in some way for the trauma, loss of income and the physical injuries but any person who damages another human being in that way deserves jail time, not a successful broadcasting career. She should have turned the money down and nailed his butt to the wall from the start

    2-In his apology he clams “I was working seven days a week in two stressful jobs and was emotionally and physically exhausted.”

    That sounds like a cop out pure and simple. What, are we supposed to feel bad for him for having to work hard to afford his lovely house where the assault took place?

    I know heaps of people who work 2 jobs just to keep food on their table and you don’t see them kicking their partner so hard that they fracture vertebrae.

    If he was so tired where did he find the strength and energy it required to kick her the number of times it would have taken to do that amount of damage?

    3- Finally, who in the hospital brought the story of her falling down stairs!? Isn’t that the kind of thing that is supposed to start alarm bells ringing? Emergency room staff do a brilliant job and I am in no way having a go at them but dealing with assaults regularly should give them the experience required to tell the difference between a fall and a full on butt whooping. I think foot prints on the victim would be a pretty big give away and the police should have been involved from the beginning.

    *stepping of soapbox*


  3. The guy is a loser. The excuse of being tired and earning a lot of money at the same time, while kicking the shit out of a woman is inexcusable. In other countries beating someone and paying them off is admission of guilt and also criminal see how he gets on in prison Mrs Veitch. The amount of money he paid her is hush money regardless of loss of earnings for her, she should know better and get some self esteem.To let him give an apology and keep his job is a big loss of face for NZ and it’s position on womans rights in the world. It’s payoff time for the little man with no balls. Let him find a job where this talentless little dick can work for peanuts. I have seen him a couple of times when I get home to NZ and I am amazed at the lack of talent in the gene pool in NZ broadcasting, even letting this guy on TV along with the other idiots he works with. He is as sophisticated as a doorknob has the voice for a McDonald’s drive thru.

  4. Damn me, I so should use more soap. Then I’d have more soap boxes instead of us all sharing the same one, although tis holding up well.

    The whole ‘falling down the stairs’ story has confused some, I have had convos with men who think he pushed her and she then accidentally fell down stairs. The last info I saw was that the incident happened in his bedroom, most likely after a bit of ex-sex. Apparently there are a few more bashed up exes of Veitch’s that are yet to come out. I fear this is just the tip of le ugly violent iceberg.

    I wish Kristin hadn’t accepted the money, but I can’t imagine being in a particularly strong or reasonable state of mind after suffering such injuries. I hope to hell the ACC claim doesn’t turn out to be fraudulent, the last thing she needs is pressure over that.

    I also balked at the contradiction that is physical tiredness and the amount of effort required to cause so much harm. That speech writer is an idiot.

  5. Douglas Hall

    I agree with all of the above comments…and yes, I am tired and sickened by T Veitchs self serving, PR polished, apologies, the gutless cabel at TVNZ who have known about this for months now, and have now gone to ground in their typically witless manner, by Paul Holmes unctuous “interview” with Veitch in todays NZ Herald. Most of all, that this is even a subject for serious debate. The bottom line is that Veitchs commercial worth – which, ultimately, will be the acid test for TVNZ s slimeballs, has taken a huge, irrevocable hit. And boofhead commentators are not difficult to replace. I think – hope – that in short order at least some form of genuine justice will be served (even if it falls short of a conviction, which is what really needs to also happen) and Veitch will be gone from our screens, if not radios.

  6. Gregg Nelson

    The veitch whore is a fuckwit…a bit like you .

    She went to the filth, complained, but refused to lay a criminal complaint in lieu of financial compensation…which she duly received then leaked it to the press….That is the Whore bit…

    If people want to receive money for beatings right or wrong that is a personal choice….

  7. Gregg you beatings economist fool you, noone is a fuckwit like me, noone! You hear?

  8. lockedgroove

    your taking it a bit personal there gregg – did the last person you assaulted go to the filth also?…
    well aint life a biatch – a bit like you.

  9. I just wanted to say that the comments here are 10x more entertaining than the story.

  10. Thanks James, I do what I can, ya know.

  11. Gregg Nelson

    I love assaulting people….In fact there has being no inflation on assault charges for over 20 years….I was getting 400 dollar fines then and they are still 400 today….It feels so good afterwards too…Dont get me wrong….I would much prefer to use my intellect, but I find it much quicker and easier to just smash em…..

  12. Intellect?

  13. Gregg Nelson

    you stalking me “concerned”…Dont hide ya gutless flea

  14. The Great Went

    I like to eat postboxes.

  15. Gregg Nelson scares me a bit

  16. Gregg Nelson

    Wow…another flea who chooses to hide behind a non de plume….Front up, let the world know who you are…..So I can visit you….lol

  17. Gregg Nelson

    Well Tony,

    Its all over mate, except of course for the 300 hours u owe.

    Hopefully now you can get on with your life mate and get as soon as u can back into broadcasting.

    You are a very real talent and I hope that we see you soon back in our lounges.

    Dont race a car with a rear view mirror…

    Go get em mate


  18. Unbelievable. Proves yet again that there is no real justice. Rich ###ckers do what they like…and that bloody comment from the man himself “Veitch said after the sentencing that he had been shocked at the way events had been portrayed in some areas of the media.”
    He broke her back kicking her on the floor. Ummm.
    Am I a bit disconnected from what’s real?

  19. Only thing I have to say is:

    What do you mean, “Tony Veitch eventually fronted up and apologised”? He NEVER EVER DENIED it.

    Oh, well of course, your one of those people that take everything that media says, as ‘The whole truth and nothing but the truth’. Wake up!

    His speech? Tah, tah,…. He had a GREAT speach, unlike the ‘oh poor me’ from Kristen.

    She was fake if ever I saw fake. If her back was as bad as she says it is, than how the hell can she be walking around in 3 or 4 inch heels? Gimmee a break already.

    She’s a liar. Sure she got a kick in the back and Tony has never denied that, but she makes it sound like she was beaten non stop for an hour.

    And why the hell was she snooping around on HIS PHONE for anyway?

    GIVE THE MAN A BREAK….He’s paid her med. bills, he’s got professional help to ensure he doesn’t head down this road again, he’s apologized on air, he’s donated money, what more doe’s the man have to do to move on in peace with his life.

    TVNZ….Give his job back, you know he was the best at his job. Maybe you’s need to move on too.

    GOOD LUCK TO YOU TONY… *thumbs up*

  20. Gregg Nelson

    I like shelley

  21. lockedgroove

    you and shelly should get hitched, make babies and then eat them. good times.

  22. Gregg Nelson

    Shelley, Now theres an idea….!

    I always did like Hannibal Lectur!

  23. After the disgraceful and irresponsible character assassination by the news media over the Tony Veitch affair, I suddenly have some empathy with the concept of media censorship such as Frank Bunnybanana has decreed in Fiji.

    There are over 85000 domestic violence incidents reported annually in New Zealand, plus a whole lot unreported, yet these go largley ignored by the media. They are like a flock of vultures eating alive an injured animal.

    This is bullying of the worst sort.


  24. Gregg Nelson


    And it goes on and on…!

    What a great point also, It was that exact topic I was discussing just yesterday and it “hit me like a drunk girlfriend” that there is all this other domestic violence and literally none as important as the veitch case in the medias eyes, (if the clearly unbalanced amount of news print dedicated to the veitch case is the barometer).

    Only a few weeks ago a man KILLED his partner on the forecourt of a Johnsonville gas station and what newsprint had more than 20 lines dedicated to it…?

    Although Tony was in our lounges every other night, that does not make the offence any better or worse…or newsworthy!

    He made a mistake, but the reaction for the action, is just so overwhemingly unfair, one rightly could draw the conclusion, as Peter has, that this is Bullying of the worst sort.

    Anyway Tony, if you are ever bothered to be in a position to be reading this thread, Im thinking about you, even though I dont know you, and trust you will conquer the demons mate…

    Kia Kaha…Your bro


  25. Katie Hunter

    In my mind, they are both not telling the truth.. they conspired when they went to the ER. no unusual for an abused injured female.. and they continue to just give enough snippets, and elude the truth..

    There is no way on this planet it was an isolated incident. I think the mistake here, is that justice has not been served.. They should have proceeded with the depositions. The QC worrying about it being damaging to others close to this piece of scum and his victim, is blatantly lying. But Hey.. even the odd lawyer doesnt want to be involved with such a piece of scum..
    I dont ever want to see this man back on my television screen. I dont listen to sport radio, so I have no comment there..
    Tony Veitch will forever be known as the scum that kicked a woman in the back, seriously injuring her.. His current wife, will one day be on the receiving end of his violence, and she will protect him from people being mean to him.

    This latest episode of calling people to tell them he is going to do himself some harm.. call out the helicopters.. mebbe natural justice should apply, beneath all, he has the knowledge that he doesnt deserve to exist on this planet.. and taking himself out, may well the only honourable thing he can now do.. Dont keep stopping him.. he is attention seeking.. like a 5 yr old throwing a tantrum.
    Hey.. I am still angry.

  26. Gregg Nelson


    I sense you dont like boys…

  27. Let Tony get on with his life. He’s has had to pay for his crime..much more than anyone else has had to pay in New Zealand. Kristen sounds like a stalking vindictive ex to me.
    She should have to give the money back. She broke the contract.
    Also, it sounds like she was contacting him again a few days after the attack…can’t have been that scared of him.

  28. Kristen says that Tony isn’t sorry for what he did. DUMB!
    Of course he’s sorry…..
    How else does she want him to prove it?
    A house in the Bahamas? Another $200000.00?
    Or maybe she would just be happy if he topped himself for real……after all, if she can’t have him…why should Zoe…isn’t that whats really at the bottom of all this anyway?

  29. Gregg Nelson

    Finally, Some reading between the lines….!

  30. OK to me the thing is…. this guy KNOWS how the media operates. Witness the three FAILED suicide attempts and now OH everyone feels SO sorry for him – and this guy was expecting that – wake up… the man is your classic narcissist…he knows how to play it…. and when you’ve all finished feeling sorry for him he’ll be still sitting there… watching the cash roll in from his 20 rental properties.

  31. Once was a proud kiwi

    TO WHOM WHO WROTE THIS “My sports/television/police career meant I was extremely stressed/tired/irritable and lashed out/broke/RAPED/retaliated during a terrible/horrible/PR nightmare situation. I’m sorry I got caught/didn’t offer more hush money/my team refused to back me up/you know about it.”

    You really should get a life!, you use the word RAPED like it is joke! Their is mention of a rape through the Veitch saga. Grow up and deal to your own miserable existance before you comment on others. I hope he sues you.

    I think people need to take a look at there lifes as we kiwis seem to take some sort of sick pleasure in others demise, pain and misfortune, is it because our own lifes are so miserable and we only feel good when we talk about others lifes? What skeletons do you have or does your family have that if you where in the spotlight would cause you pain.

    The whole saga is an media storm that is all designed to make money, blood money. So tell me what is it like to be puppets lapping up every word? Can I play with your strings to since you all are so forthcoming in wanting to be puppets?

    I can see the whole depression campaign ran through all aspects of advertising has done nothing to change kiwis view on mental illnesses also.

    this is just a story about a bitter ex and a guy desperate clutching at straws, its like 2 teenagers going tit for tat. Rather boring really

  32. Ok…I am not a Tony Veitch fan.
    What he did was wrong, we all agree on that.

    Obviously, the relationship was not working,
    he wanted to end it, she didn’t.

    No, he shouldn’t have hurt her, but I really feel that it was a one off incident.
    She can’t have been in fear after the event, otherwise she wouldn’t have kept trying to stay in his life, apply for a job with the same company as him, send him emails asking why Zoe and not her……

    I also think that she should return the money paid out to her…..THAT was supposed to be his punishment…….now he has been punished again…..

    As to the suicide thing…….obviously he doesn’t want to die, ithe suicide attempts were a cry for help from a man unable to move on from his very serious mistakes because NZ is such a small contry and most of the people in this country are unforgiving. He obviously doesn’t know how to deal with the ongoing saga of his life, but he has nowhere to go.

    He pleaded guilty for gods sake….he has paid for his crime….New Zealand AND Kristen Dunne-Powell need to get over it!


  33. Gregg Nelson

    I am a Tony Veitch fan….


  34. You funny Greg…

    I just wanted to point out that I was not defending him because I was a fan.

    I just think he was an ordinary person…who was and has been pushed to the brink by an ex-girlfriend who couldn’t handle rejection and a media who were just out for blood and ratings.

  35. lockedgroove

    Once was a proud kiwi – cool your jets, i think if you put the original post into historical context you will find that at the time there was a high profile police rape case going on and the blogger was making light of the generic excuses high profile criminals use..

  36. Tonys a LOSER

    tony veitch is one sick sad little fucker not to mention desperate before this is printed he would of made another attempt on his life after all he hasnt been in the news all of 24 hrs the only one i feel sorry for is his wife she must be thinking what the hell have i got myself into maybe the last attemp was too keep HER from walking. The bets are on.Anyone know when the next next episode is on.

  37. How long is New Zealand going to make this guy pay?

    Anyone else in NZ would have done a few months in jail. They would not have had to pay out any compensation (voluntarily), undergone counseling (voluntarily), paid out to a charity (voluntarily)and lose their job.
    AND THEN have to do 300 hours community service And pay out another $10000.00!
    Come on guys….

    Situveni is still playing rugby isn’t he?

  38. gregg nelson

    Did I mention I was a Tony Veitch Fan?

  39. lockedgroove

    tony and glenda need to stop feeding the media if they want the media and nz to stop “making this guy pay”..
    you yourself are using the media in his defense which in turn makes people reply with counter opinions – if you want the story to go away then stop feeding the cycle.
    i doubt many of us will stop expressing our opinions just because cry baby tony want us to stop. we are not making you or team veitch read any of this. its your choice to google his name and then post your 2 cents.

    perhaps tony should just “put his fingers in his ears and hum songs to block it out” – isn’t that how he deals with unwanted confrontation?

    Situveni who?

  40. george mcgurk

    I heard, but haven’t read, that Mable Smith from Hokita just got kicked in the back by her drunk husband…

    Thought I’d let the media know…

    In case you dont know, Mable is famous for bringing up 3 kids on a single coalminers income, living on her 1/4 acre section…

    She has on one occasion, watched game of two halves also…

  41. lockedgroove

    that’s terrible, i hope mr smith has been reported to the police

  42. I just want you all to know…..I know Kristen Dunne-Powell personally…..and she is NOT telling the complete truth…..she is NOT as innocent in what happened as she makes out….
    After seeing first hand the way she conducted herself and the way she harrassed Tony Veitch, I am not surprised that he finally lashed out (not that I condone what he did).
    But you can only push people so far before they finally lose control…..and she reallllly pushed him….none of you know the full story and you probably never will.
    I am not saying any of this out of any vindictiveness towards Kristen, I am just trying to set the record straight.
    Thank you

  43. george mcgurk

    I agree with gregg, she is a whore

  44. Tonys a LOSER

    if tiny tony had of wanted us to know the truth he woulda gone with the court case and not coerced “friends ” to give him credence bit of a barstard when you have to rip your mates off to make yourself look good…. he’s a weak piece of shite a soft cock and his media team need ssacked they are feeding this fiasco and he’s making his wife look like a fukwit poor bitch

  45. I’m with Zoe on this one folks, BACK OFF! those of you that are intent on kicking a man while he is down.! Right or wrong no-one deserves the overwhelming negative media/public frenzy this has broough about. Sure this is a democratic society, freedom of speech etc etc, however, if anyone saw the Campbell Live interview, they would have seen a man who is absolutely at the end of his string with this whole thing. My heart goes out to him, and I really dont care what people think of him, I am separating the man from the issue and can see what this is doing to him. I know people who know Kristen & she is basically a nasty piece of work, not satisfied with what Tony did for her to show how deeply sorry he was and tried to do all he could to make up for this mistake, what more did she want from him?? Who wouldnt want to try and avoid the the public and make things right without all this ‘getting out’? Any man who is honest enough would admit they would have probably wanted to handle it the same way. The only positive to this getting out is that Society can see that domestic violence is not limited to ‘South Auckland’. Tony, you are in my prayers right now, & I pray that you will find the strength to get through this. Depression is a disease, & this is what some people are failing to recognise, this constant barrage of negative feedback is only feeding the illness – take heart Tony in the fact that not everyone sees you in that way, I see the Good man that you really are and believe that soon you WILL overcome all this, and you WILL move forward with your life again, and you WILL be happy again, dont ever give up on the person you know you really are. Society can be cruel and unforgiving. Its time to move on. Much love and hugs x0x0

  46. Gregg Nelson


    Perfectly crafted!

  47. just fucking crafty if you ask me hhehehe dawn are you his sister …..lmfao… he should take it like a man and do the fucking time he tried to buy her off he should go down like any other fucking crim how come he gets off… cos the arsholes got money ..and his dopey fucking wifes got money fuck them do the crime do the fucking time … fucking cry baby

  48. Gregg Nelson

    Go and fucking well read the fucking whole fucking story you fucking ignorant fucking imbesile anonymous fucking mystery fucking man….’

    did you fucking well get that fucking well lot?

  49. wow easy to see your a violent veitch supporter fancy loosing your cool over a few swear words you need to show some control your swearing is on a par with violent veitchs outburts …laying on the bed with his fingers in his ears crying and stamping his feet how childish your doing the same thing… get over it everyone is allowed their opinion and i love the way you keep it going good for you reminding those who have forgotten what a weak prick he is

  50. Greg you fucking wanker stop lusting after veitch you turd tappper you just want his attention you sad fucker they rekon he has a gay following are you the president ..lmfao

  51. Don’t worry about it Gregg, some people are just so dumb, and don’t know how to read properly in regards to dawn’s comments. Sounds like anony has issues himself. People who put others down do this because of their own insecurity. That’s why they continue to go on and on and on..not worth reading his comments zzzzzzz

  52. Gregg Nelson

    I am now truly comforted,,

    thanx Marie…XX


  53. some more questions need to be asked. I can’t answer them here, not keen on a defamation suit myself
    1. Why were Kristen and Tony arguing? Did it have something to do with the way she “interviewed” for her 6 figure salary job?
    2. Why can Kristen no longer work at Whoosh? Her injuries are no worse now than when she first had them.
    3. Finally, which heavyweight advertising spender threatened to pull their company’s spending from the TV stations and newspapers that dared to run the full story?
    Kristen has her new life, the advertisers have their reputations, the media has their advertising money – so what if Tony’s life is ruined he is just a pawn in the game. Sadly.

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