Sports Scandal: you can bash if you have the cash

Does anyone else get the feeling they should’ve worked harder at becoming a professional sportsman, where a bit of fame, money and athletic prowess seems to allow you to do anything you blimmin well want.  Get filthy drunk, drink and drive, take drugs, assault folk, random or close to you, maybe even rape ’em.  Cup of Tea, anyone?  Got a good liar lawyer?

Or maybe it’s not too late to change career direction and become a politician; them lot get paid big dollar to lie and cheat, you can even punch a colleague in the workplace and keep your job.  Result.

What the hell is going on?  Is it that once in a position of power, these guys feel invincible and start acting out, or is it that the macho, boofy, jock environment nurtures this and therefore attracts aggressive, testosterone-overloaded males? 

Whatever it is, I’m sick of seeing it.  Let alone paying for it with my taxes.

I wonder if Tony Veitch blushes when he watches the It’s not OK ads before his sports bulletin.  And will the lads of Game of Two Halves give Tony a good-natured ribbing about this recent media coverage, as is the norm?  Ugh.  Someone watch it, so I don’t have to.

Update 10th July

While I am pleased Tony Veitch eventually fronted up and apologised, there are still heaps of unanswered questions.  When can you start back at work? is not one of them.  I also think his speech could’ve been a little better, after all, he had over 2 years to draft it. 

Did anyone else think it bizarre that TVNZ have stopped talking to their own News team?  That must make lunch at the canteen a little uncomfy.  I’ve now made the full conversion to TV3 News, the twits at TVNZ should be embarrassed about the obviously omitted top story at the start of this week.

My jaunts around the blogosphere and online forums have uncovered more ugly stories from Veitch’s past, it’s only a matter of time till it all comes out.  Until then, those who are touched by Veitch’s public apology and short poppyness will continue to dribble on about “Poor Tony” and hope he is reinstated to our telly screens shortly.  Ugh. 

Quelle surprise that ugly, old, P-lovin’ fool Paul Holmes has mouthed off on the topic.  Paul feels badly for Tony as he “is going through a terrible hell” and goes on to say “he’s in danger of losing almost everything”.  Um, aloha Holmesy, put down the pipe, fool.  She lost her job and the ability to walk, how’s that for “complications” and “exceptional circumstances” ?


8 responses to “Sports Scandal: you can bash if you have the cash

  1. lockedgroove

    looks like tony is taking some time of work to “concentrate on attending to legal matters”..

    maybe he will go hide in australia like his drug dealing tv pals did..

  2. We have set our standards SO low now that we regard people who are on TV as worthy of being drooled over by virtue of the box around their head

    That TVNZ even considers keeping him on is a disgrace. BTW He has more holidays than anyone I ever knew

  3. And its starting to look like we (the taxpayer) have footed the ACC bill. Ahem, what accident? Aloha. If this is true then TVNZ are in big trouble.

  4. The Veitch case reminds me sadly of The Lion Man (or The Lying Man, as I prefer to call him). Sure, he damaged his girlfriend’s spine in a violent attack – but she was cheating on him, and that makes it understandable, apparently. Even the girlfriend bought into this logic and appeared on TV claiming she hadn’t cheated and therefore didn’t deserve to be beaten up. It’s just awful.

  5. I no longer watch the angry Lion Man, I hate that creep.

    I felt Veitch’s dramatic pause after “I broke” was meant to imply she pushed him so far he had no choice in ‘breaking’. I also think the ole I have no excuse “but” and “except” … was a poorly thought out part of his speech. Jeez, he had over 2 years to write it!

    Watching Michelle Boag ask us to forgive him on Close Up last night was especially distasteful. Evil evil PR.

    Its certainly been an eye-opening time, these past months, as a kiwi woman. Is it overly cynical of me to take bets on how the next high profiler gets away with their crime? And what next disrespect women will endure?

    Meanwhile, poor old Lisa got abducted again on telly last night. Stupid drunk tart.

  6. Its certainly been an eye-opening time, these past months, as a kiwi woman. Is it overly cynical of me to take bets on how the next high profiler gets away with their crime? And what next disrespect women will endure?

    We could probably write the script now. The incident, the victim blaming, the non-apology. Drafting a few ready-made apologies would be good – it would save all those PR dollars.

  7. Ahh, a template!

    Please circle the applicable:

    My sports/television/police career meant I was extremely stressed/tired/irritable and lashed out/broke/raped/retaliated during a terrible/horrible/PR nightmare situation. I’m sorry I got caught/didn’t offer more hush money/my team refused to back me up/you know about it.

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