Totally dotty

Aspiring artist Nikki Douthwaite has barely left her house in 3 months, that’s because hole-punching 550,000 dots and then sticking them to a 10×7 foot canvas isn’t quick work.

Inspired by Georges-Pierre Seurat’s painting, Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, Nikki worked over 18 hours a day, painstakingly sticking each dot in place with glue and tweezers.

Rather than blending colours and then painting on canvas, Seurat created the image using dots of coloured paint – which the viewer’s eye then blends.

Nikki decided to recreate the same scene, almost 125 years later, using dots of paper rather than paint.

She started by visiting the same spot in Paris where Seurat would have sat and then decided to recreate what she saw with tiny dots of paper.

“I went to see what it was like now,” said Nikki. “I sat there for three days recording people coming and going.”

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