Underbelly’s criminal reality

I am totally addicted to Underbelly.  I don’t care how late they put it on, I’m watching.  It’s like The Sopranos meets our very own West whanau, only with grating gritty Aussie accents.

With Underbelly being based on true events, and some of the gangland crims still living, there is a chance you could actually bump into one of these characters, which makes that next shopping trip to Melbourne all the more exciting.

Mick Gatto (the focus of last Tuesday’s ep) has been on talkback radio this week, going so far as to threaten the radio show host.

Perhaps even more incredible is convicted hitman Carl Williams‘ facebook profile.  When the media reported that Carl had set up a facebook account, his friends list jumped overnight from approx 1000 to over 2500.  The account was removed, but a new fanbase account was set up within minutes.  Carl’s MySpace page has over 800 friends.

The real Carl Williams

After you have offended befriended Carl, you can toddle over and visit the facebook profile of Mick Gatto or you can join the Mick Gatto is a dog for setting up Benji group. Isn’t it thoughtful of the ganglanders to network with us like this?  It’s also mighty interesting, and somehow fitting, that the late Andrew ‘Benji’ Veniamin is a member of this group.

The real Andrew ‘Benji’ Veniamin

If you are nosy curious like moi, you may want to check out a pic of the real Roberta, wife of Williams.  She is less than thrilled at the shrill-voiced-sheila portrayal by actress Kat Stewart, claiming it’s all a bit Kath and Kim and has experienced trouble finding rental accomodation using her real name.

The real Roberta Williams

For purely selfish reasons, I miss Benji.  Or maybe I just miss the actor that played Benji. 

Pinup bad boy Benji: Actor Damian Walshe-Howling

2 responses to “Underbelly’s criminal reality

  1. lockedgroove

    didnt think carl could be uglier in real life, but there you are..
    isnt he in those advanced hair tv ads?

  2. Lil_miz_cheeky

    DVD is out next week 3rd of July!! Yay!

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