Tim Shadbolt is not a metrosexual

The charming and trusted Mayor of Invercargill, Tim Shadbolt, has had some work done.  Tim was “zapped with gamma rays” and had botox injected into wrinkles around his eye (crow’s feet) as a part of a local makeover competition.

Tim didn’t enjoy the experience and says he now wishes to age gracefully. 

“I am not one of those metrosexuals. I don’t use creams or anything like that,” he said.  

Known for his trademark grin, Mr Shadbolt said the beauty consultants did not go near his mouth, instead focusing on softening the lines around his eyes.

I dunno about ageing gracefully, so much as morphing into Garry Shandling, star of the fabulous The Larry Sanders Show.  

Anyone else seeing the freakish resemblance?

The delightful folk commenting at GP Forums see a somewhat more unflattering resemblence to a different kind of beast altogether.

I followed a link from GP Forums to an old article that I have no memory of ever reading or hearing about.  Oh no!!  Shadbolt’s ex wife speaks out about her hellish 20 years with Mayor Tim, and all Lita’s delusions illusions are shattered to pieces.

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