Ed McMahon: Bummed to be Britney’s neighbour

Ed McMahon is a beloved figure in the States.  Best known for being Johnny Carson‘s Tonight Show sidekick, he was also a popular game show host and earnt a fair crust over the years doing commercials and personal appearances.

But poor Ed has had it rough this decade.  In 2001 the McMahon family suffered sickness from toxic mould in their Beverly Hills mansion, which killed their dog, Muffin.  The family had to take a lawsuit out on the insurance company to receive a payout, which was mostly spent on repairs to the house.   In 2007 Ed suffered a fall that broke his neck, he has since had to endure several surgeries and has not been able to work.  Now, the McMahons are in danger of losing their home in a mortgagee sale.  

Ed was on Larry King Live last week, describing the hard times the former millionaire now finds himself in.

Ed McMahon blames the possible foreclosure of his multimillion-dollar Beverly Hills house on a set of problems all too familiar to many Americans: a foundering economy, health problems and poor planning.

McMahon bought the six-bedroom, five-bathroom, 7,000-square-foot house in January 1990.  Britney Spears is among his neighbors.

Sure, the economy sucks and getting back and forth to work at 85 years old with a broken neck has gotta be a total drag, but I think the last sentence is really telling.  Britney Spears is a one-stop-crap-luck magnet.  

It can’t be easy trying to sell a formerly mould-infected mansion in today’s market, but jeesh, add a bunch of zealot paparazzi camped out 24/7 and a bald pop star neighbour who loves late nights and afore-mentioned paps, it doesn’t make for a quick house sale.

The Real Estalker says Britney has been trying to sell her Bev Hills pad ever since she bought it.  Oh dear. Poor, poor Ed.


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