Angel Barbie & the England Rugby Team Adventure

When my Devil Barbie’s head falls off, I shall be replacing her with an Angel Barbie.  Only cos I want to attract foreign rugby players – they throw the best hotel-duvet parties, doncha know? 

A woman, who identified herself as Angel Barbie, told the Herald she was at the Hilton on Saturday night with one of the players, whom she met at the Pony Club on Customs St where he had been drinking with team-mates and members of the All Blacks.

Bonus!  Angel Barbie comes with her very own pony (club).

Angel Barbie’s name seemed familiar, so I did my very own research using the le interwebs, which as we all know, is where the truth of truths is found.   I’ve narrowed down the list of rugby loving Barbies, and I’m fairly sure that one of these is our very own, media savvy, Hilton lovin’, Angel Barbie.

Suspect 1 – Barbie Angel, Porn Star

Yes, sure, someone would have to have been pretty tricky and swapped the names around.  Ok, it seems unlikely, way too tricky, and Barbie Angel is older than 22 years.  But, wouldn’t it be great if it really was her, star of classics like ‘Hardcore Schoolgirls 6’ and ‘Sinboy 4: Bareass Barbecue’.  

Suspect 2 – Angel Barbie, Mattel doll

Ok, sure, this suspect is an inanimate doll, but who are we to judge.  Some folk totally get their boat rocked and rolled by plastic dolls (or cars and other, ahem, objects). 

Further investigations into Barbiegate revealed this piece of gossip from kiwi blogger Whaleoil.

Apparently, from a mate in Hong Kong, four players involved in the incident took 5 birds back to their hotel room. turns out 2 of the girls were linked to organised crime syndicates and heavies were sent round once the ladies whereabouts were known. a fight broke out and one of the second rows was found by police being hung upside down from a window by his ankles. No-one was hurt in the incident.

I wonder if Mattel will do a new Barbie film on the back of this?  Ken could play the England Rugby team.

Meanwhile, the British press are running with ‘rape‘ and ‘sex scandal‘ as headlines.  And The Sun thinks Rob Andrew is to blame.


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