Vulva Original: trying to make scents of it all

Hmmn.  Lita invented this idea 5872 years ago, but there were bottling issues, not to mention severe constraints with the supply chain.  Point is, I blimmin well knew there was a market for this (NSFW and R18).

Vulva Original is not a perfume, it’s a “vaginal scent”.  And it’s not an eau de toilette either.  Cheeky.

BTW, isn’t vulva just a brilliant word!?  Lita lurves it.  Say it aloud.  Go on.  Say it again, louder.  And again.  Stuff your colleagues, get them to say it too.  It’s just like volvo, but much more attractive.  If Lita owned a race horse nightclub it would be called Vulva.  You’d come, wouldn’t you?

And to male readers, you can keep your volunteering suggestions to bottle your ‘man scent’ to yourselves.  Yip, thanks for that.

Click after the jump to see the funniest gallery pic (again, so NSFW).


Vulva Original can cause you to ignore 2 hot nudie women (read: real, live, actual vulvas) in the same room as you. 

Vulva Original can lead to more sex with your own hand.

Vulva Original can cause sinus failure, where only the smell of vulva will do.

Vulva Original can cause other men to follow you around town, noses attached to the back of your hand.

5 responses to “Vulva Original: trying to make scents of it all

  1. Oh my lord. Seriously I think people are bored these days that they will make/do anything for money! The woman is most attractive is when she has her period! Now there’s a vaginal scent for FREE! LoL

  2. I’m not sure it’s boredom QT, but I have to admit to wondering what time of the minute/day/week/month the scent is based on.

  3. So dead fish stink turns you on?

  4. Dead fish stink turns me OFF. But healthy vulvas don’t stink. They have a pleasant scent. Actually if a woman has fishy smell I can’t fuck them. Fishy smell talks abuut dirty and careless women

  5. vamoooo las puta

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