You’re not the only one

Lita lurves blogs.  You get to nosy into a bunch of people’s lives, read different writing styles, learn about other’s experiences and make friends from all over the world.  Blogs rock my socks.

A fab bloggy buddy has compiled a collection of blog posts from the interwebs, and has published a real-life, hard copy book, You’re Not The Only One.  It features over 100 posts from some of my fave blog reads, including I hate the earth, Mommy has a headache and Why don’t we get drunk and blog.

You’re Not The Only One is for sale with profits going to the charity WarChild.  Click here to buy a great read and help all the little children.

buy this book on Lulu.

Someone should do this with Kiwi bloggers, except that the book would end up all about politics.

2 responses to “You’re not the only one

  1. Thanks for the plug on our book my dear!

  2. Cool idea for a book on blogs. Miss Prozac nominates Lita for the NZ version

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