Reunited and it feels so good

Ok, this blimmin gorgeous vid has had me crying all morning. 

From 0:37 onwards, instantaneous tears.  A whole bucketful.

To read more about Christian the lion and his reunion with his former owners, click here.  One of the most amazing parts of this story is that Christian hadn’t returned to the compound for nine months, he turned up the day his former owners arrived in Nairobi. 

“Christian hasn’t been here for nine months. We have no reason to think he’s dead – there have been no reports of lions poached or killed. But he may never come back,” he said.

Rendall recalls, “We said: ‘OK. We appreciate that, but we’ll come anyway and see you.'”

They flew to Nairobi then took a small plane to the camp in Kora, where Adamson came out to meet them.

“Christian arrived last night, ” he said simply. “He’s here with his lionesses and his cubs. He’s outside the camp on his favourite rock. He’s waiting for you.”


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