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TradeMe on TradeMe data integrity crimes

This is what we call in the rocket science biz, messy data.  Yip, it’s a techie term.  Sorry to throw that out there at ya, no warnings, nuffink.  Crimes against the integrity of data really get me going.  In a bad way.  Ahem.

The annual Auckland City Mission Winter Appeal TradeMe Auction, also known as TradeMe on TradeMe kicks off tomorrow.  NZ slebs such as Shorty St stars, Dai Henwood and Peter Urlich are offering various events and experiences, with them tagging along, and the final cash bid goes to the Mission’s Winter Appeal.  Tis a great idea.

However, the folk at NZRealityTV have spotted some dubious categorisations for each auction.  Someone is trying a little hard to be humorous.  Bless.

Breakfast with Tem Morrison in Rotorua is listed under frying pans and woks, meanwhile lunch at Souless with Ali Williams and Casey Green is listed under doors, windows and mouldings.  Are they trying to mess with my mind?  

Come on people, use the categories properly, I do not want two promo girls  turning up when I go searching for new and used poultry equipment.  Who does?  Ok, all you chicken farmers with your hands up, ok, put ’em down for crying out loud, go now, go focus on buying a Hova-Bator incubator egg turner, like you’re meant to be doing.

Lita predicts that Dan Carter’s previously worn, no confirmation whether washed, All Black shorts will generate the creepiest of questions.


Star trail photography

Check out these fab photographs of Star Trails.  Click here to find out how to take your own star trail photos. 

Alas ALAC! Leave Lisa alone

It took a while for me to work out what exactly it was that seemed ‘off’ with one of the Alcohol Advisory Council‘s (ALAC) recent shock tactic telly adverts from the It’s not the drinking, it’s how we’re drinking series.  

Every time I would catch the ad (where a woman -known as ‘Lisa’- gets drunk, dances embarassingly and is later abducted by a guy and – we are led to assume, raped by him), I would feel a combination of guilt for any previous drunken risks I have taken and repugnance for the distasteful last few seconds of the ad. 

It took a couple of full viewings to realise that the advert illicits feelings of guilt and discomfort for me, not because that is the advert’s intention – hoping that I will now address any binge drinking issues I may have, but instead because the ad implies that I (and Lisa) bear the responsibility of any sexual assault that may occur on my person, just because I was drunk. 

Well, that’s not right.  No matter how drunk I get or how badly I dance, I don’t deserve to be raped.  And nor does Lisa or, obviously, anyone.  Aloha, here’s some radical news for you ALAC; the rapist bears the responsibility.

If you agree, please click here to sign the petition.

There has been a lot of discussion around this in the Kiwi blogosphere, my fave post about it is here.  Some of the bloggers at The Hand Mirror have set up a petition requesting ALAC take the ad off the air.  You can read the letters sent to ALAC and ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), and view their weak, standardised template replies.  You can also join the Facebook group

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Creative toilet signs for girls and boys

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Tim Shadbolt is not a metrosexual

The charming and trusted Mayor of Invercargill, Tim Shadbolt, has had some work done.  Tim was “zapped with gamma rays” and had botox injected into wrinkles around his eye (crow’s feet) as a part of a local makeover competition.

Tim didn’t enjoy the experience and says he now wishes to age gracefully. 

“I am not one of those metrosexuals. I don’t use creams or anything like that,” he said.  

Known for his trademark grin, Mr Shadbolt said the beauty consultants did not go near his mouth, instead focusing on softening the lines around his eyes.

I dunno about ageing gracefully, so much as morphing into Garry Shandling, star of the fabulous The Larry Sanders Show.  

Anyone else seeing the freakish resemblance?

The delightful folk commenting at GP Forums see a somewhat more unflattering resemblence to a different kind of beast altogether.

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Underbelly’s criminal reality

I am totally addicted to Underbelly.  I don’t care how late they put it on, I’m watching.  It’s like The Sopranos meets our very own West whanau, only with grating gritty Aussie accents.

With Underbelly being based on true events, and some of the gangland crims still living, there is a chance you could actually bump into one of these characters, which makes that next shopping trip to Melbourne all the more exciting.

Mick Gatto (the focus of last Tuesday’s ep) has been on talkback radio this week, going so far as to threaten the radio show host.

Perhaps even more incredible is convicted hitman Carl Williams‘ facebook profile.  When the media reported that Carl had set up a facebook account, his friends list jumped overnight from approx 1000 to over 2500.  The account was removed, but a new fanbase account was set up within minutes.  Carl’s MySpace page has over 800 friends.

The real Carl Williams

After you have offended befriended Carl, you can toddle over and visit the facebook profile of Mick Gatto or you can join the Mick Gatto is a dog for setting up Benji group. Isn’t it thoughtful of the ganglanders to network with us like this?  It’s also mighty interesting, and somehow fitting, that the late Andrew ‘Benji’ Veniamin is a member of this group.

The real Andrew ‘Benji’ Veniamin

If you are nosy curious like moi, you may want to check out a pic of the real Roberta, wife of Williams.  She is less than thrilled at the shrill-voiced-sheila portrayal by actress Kat Stewart, claiming it’s all a bit Kath and Kim and has experienced trouble finding rental accomodation using her real name.

The real Roberta Williams

For purely selfish reasons, I miss Benji.  Or maybe I just miss the actor that played Benji. 

Pinup bad boy Benji: Actor Damian Walshe-Howling

What has changed from 1990 to 2008