Man Man: Daytripping

My latest music love is ‘viking-vaudeville meets manic gypsy jazz’.  Honest, it is so.  Pop-rock is so LY.  Say hello to Philadelphia band, Man Man.

Wiki says this:

Their musical style has been described as Viking-vaudeville, Manic Gypsy Jazz. Man Man is known for their exuberant live performances. When performing, the members of the band dress in white outfits and wear war paint. The band uses pseudonyms – the frontman is Honus Honus, and its other members are Sergei Sogay, Pow Pow, Critter Crat (formerly known as “Cougar”), and Chang Wang.

Pow Pow and Chang Wang!  I think I’m in lurve.

The magical sound these guys produce from all manner of instruments (including toy horns, fireworks and breaking glass), somehow works and really, really well. 

Check out this vid that follows Man Man as they make their 3rd album, Rabbit Habits.

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