Amy Winehouse is now in nappies

Rumour has it that Amy Winehouse has progressed to diapers.  Aww, bless.

Lots of photos of the implied nappy-gate here and here.

Man, it’s so difficult to keep up with trends, this time last year it was knickerless, now the new black is pull-up diapers.  No wonder it’s only celebrities and rich folk that can keep up with fashion trends, the rest of us have to be realistic and stick to our cotton briefs.

4 responses to “Amy Winehouse is now in nappies

  1. Miss Prozac tries not to imagine Lita in her briefs, but when she does cotton sounds way too sensible. What happened to the sexy lace g-string?

  2. lockedgroove

    heroin has a tendency to fail ones bowels

  3. normalhand


  4. Quelle surprise that noone made mention of my suggestion that we all ‘stick’ to our ‘cottons’ – you guys don’t go low enough for me.

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