Strongman on Ice

Oh man!  This gem of a video has me giggling and blushing, it’s a combo of cringe and delight.  Muscles on steroids ice. 

Check it out.  Russian figure skater, Evgeni Plushenko‘s feet alone are incredible.   Be prepared, you have never seen an ice skating performance like this, I promise you.

How utterly brilliant was that?  Despite the gold undies.

Roll on the Winter Olympics.


5 responses to “Strongman on Ice

  1. Lil_miz_cheeky

    Awesome costume, choreography, music and the gracefullnes! I love figure skating.

    I want more!!!

  2. Fantastic eh?! At the start I was cringing, by the end I was chanting ‘encore’. Plushenko is a genius.

  3. Phew *gets fan out to cool herself down*…….

    The Olympic figure skating will pale in comparison .

  4. lockedgroove


  5. I also saw that Plushenko was the lone ‘dancer’ for the Russians who won the Eurovision song contest … he doesn’t know when to stop.

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