Moron Says WHAT?!?! love Wikipedia

Any odes to the fab website that single handedly made encyclopedias cool again is a-ok with me. 

The song, Wikipedia, is by A-land girl band Moron Says WHAT?!?!  Check out the catchy tune on their MySpace page here.

Someone needs to film their next gig (30 May, Whammy Bar, Auckland) and put it up on YouTube. 

This is truly a girl band, the members are still in their teens and require a parent to accompany them to gigs.  From all accounts, the gigs are a riot and these girls are due to hit the mainstream any second now.  I’m totally lurving Wikipedia, the cat not so much.

If bebo is your thang, check out Moron Says WHAT?!?! bebo page here

Click after the jump to read the lyrics to Wikipedia.


Forget it, it’s that easy

Cos when I get home, I turn on my PC.

No need to turn the page and get a papercut

Cos when I’ll Google, it’s just my luck.

I love Wikipedia, Wiki, Wikipedia

I love Wikipedia, Wiki, Wikipedia

I love Wikipedia, Wiki, Wikipedia

I love Wikipedia.

Any word I type it will tell me about

All the new hypes, have no doubt.

Scrolling down the page, it never ends

Oh Wikipedia, you’re my best friend.

I love Wikipedia, Wiki, Wikipedia

I love Wikipedia, Wiki, Wikipedia

I love Wikipedia, Wiki, Wikipedia

I love Wikipedia.

(I eat books)

I love Wikipedia, Wiki, Wikipedia

I love Wikipedia, Wiki, Wikipedia

I love Wikipedia, Wiki, Wikipedia

I love Wikipedia.


5 responses to “Moron Says WHAT?!?! love Wikipedia

  1. i thought it was i eat books, not bugs…

  2. Kapai Anon … I think I just outted myself as a bug-before-books eater. Tres embarassing.
    Che for the correction. 🙂

  3. and more to the point without Wiki we wouldn’t have sites like urban dictionary…….

  4. msw are the sexiest band i have ever seen live
    rumour has it they are about to sign with modular

  5. KivekidizeBit

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