Liquid meat in a bottle

I have started Carnivore Clubs around the globe.  Believe me, if anyone lurves meat, it be Lita!  But, even I am turned off at the thought of MeatWater.

It’s hard to come to terms with flavours like Fish’n’Chips, English Breakfast, Hot Dog, Hungarian Gulash and Escargot, but I do actually want to try the Peking Duck one.  What a completely evil idea to bottle duck.

Click here to suggest a new flavour in the Who the f*** pulled the pork contest.

Described by its American makers as a ‘High Efficiency Survival Beverage’, the drink is aimed at those who would ordinarily quaff protein shakes, energy drinks, or chomp powerbars, which are, as the firm notes, “all ways people seek to get nutrients without spending all the time that eating requires”.

The company does describe the idea of a meaty-dinner-in-a-bottle as “pretty gross by most objective standards of taste”, no surprise when the label lists the quantity of blood, cartilage and fat in each serving.


3 responses to “Liquid meat in a bottle

  1. These would have to be truly disgusting. Just like those awful energy bar things. I would have thought fitness obsessed folk that tend to munch through such things would also be obsessed (and therefore turned off) by the fact that they are so highly processed (read=bad) and would forgo a bit of time in order to eat real food.

  2. lockedgroove

    thats yuk and but kinda handy: i do need to keep an eye on my cartilage intake.

  3. Sounds very Willy Wonkerish to me

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