Charlotte Dawson needs to start a blog

I love it when le famous get online.  Charlotte Dawson has had some time off between filming and is experiencing the joys and pitfalls of le interweb and in particular, blogs. 

Here’s what was making me giggle this week: 

  • Gossip columnist Bridget Saunders wrote about Charlotte Dawson in her blog back in April
  • Some folk got a little negative about Charlotte and Bridget’s coverage of Charlotte
  • Charlotte responded in Bridget’s comments box
  • Bridget has since used Charlotte’s comments as blog fodder again and again and again and again
  • Charlotte continued to respond to commenters and repeatedly questioned why people leave anonymous comments and how do they feel negative enough about celebrities to post a comment on a blog
  • Charlotte learnt about flaming
  • Bridget’s readers started begging for a change of topic, some of them even yearning for the bad ole days: “Personally I’m hoping we get back to our regular scheduled programme of Bridget only opening her mouth to swap feet when it comes to male-female relationships. It’s the sole reason I read this blog.”

I think Charlotte needs her own webspace.  She has stuff to say, obv. 

Once she creates her own blog and starts posting, she will quickly lose her green innocence, and hopefully learn when to exit the comments box. 

Sometimes you can’t win, and every word typed, no matter what the intent, has the potential to be misinterpreted or even twisted.  Charlotte is an intelligent, interesting woman, but I’m not sure she realises that her repeated assurances that she’s not being defensive read as, just that.   

Charlotte has valid points around her (and Bridget’s) identity being open for all to criticise versus the anonymous blogger or commenter, but she fails to understand that anonymity enables those who would never voice an opinion to do so.  This is Web 2.0 – interactivity and opinion drive the whole shebang.  This is the way it is until at least Web 2.1, I’m guessing.  Hate to quote the robots but, any change is currently out of scope.

I believe Charlotte took some of the comments too personally, and over-reacted to some of the original comments from Simon.  But, still, I admire her gusto – although she needs to remember that any old freak could be sitting at the other end of broadbandland, and sometimes answering folk just adds fuel to the fire and encourages all the trolls to join in.   Or maybe Charlotte genuinely enjoys a spot of troll-fishing.

Bridget’s blog commenter Alex says it best:

I reckon you don’t have to justify to anybody though how you got where you are. I wouldn’t take too much of the negatives to heart either. I mean who are these people anyway? they could be sitting in psych wards for all you know.

By the way, I quite liked How’s Life, I just couldn’t stand that Jude Dobson.  The show was a flashback to the days of Selwyn and the Beauty and the Beast gang, and Maori TV’s Ask Your Auntie is another similar format advice show that works really well.

I think it’s a shame that Charlotte felt hounded by the press and our tall poppy syndrome, NZ doesn’t have many glamourous celebs that don’t come from a sports background.  Charlotte would’ve been great presenting a morning show to compete with our current offerings or fronting an evening talk show, but it sounds like she doesn’t plan to ever work in the NZ TV industry again. 

Meanwhile, Bridget needs to go back to writing about the parties she attends and give us all the gossip she hears at said partaes and Charlotte needs to start a blog. I could so read how judgement comes with celebrity territory another 371628 times, easily.  

Oh, and Charlotte needs to get IMDB to update her profile quick-smart, she is currently listed under her loser ex husband’s surname as Charlotte Miller

5 responses to “Charlotte Dawson needs to start a blog

  1. the badest saxophonist in the world is about to get more famous than mickey mouse .keep watching for the devils son coming soon @ a bar near you.

  2. I keep seeing new clues every time I read your coded message Westie.

  3. Graham Wolf

    I can’t help feel sorry for Charlotte. Trashing her professional AND private life seems to be the #1 Australasian blood-sport. She’s dammed if she defends herself, and dammed if she doesn’t. It can be a pretty tight squeeze in the middle… eh, Charlotte!

    Also disturbing, is the rampant sociopolitical hypocrasy that incessantly festers out there. A huge number of high profile, plastic socio-dysfunctionals “can do NO wrong”, and Charlotte (so the tabloids and gossips would have us believe) can do NO right. Mmmm.

    With Charlotte, what you see is what you get… 100% real, zero% plastic, and harmless to the core. Meet her, know her, then judge her. However, if most of you out there ever bothered to meet Charlotte (never mind got to know her), you just WOULDN’T have a reason to judge her in the first place.

    For all her (very few and very minor human faults… plastic people are too perfect to be true, whch is why they clearly ain’t) Charlotte Dawson is a real person, and a truely wonderful compassionate human being at the end of the day… I freely celebrate that. The world needs more people like Charlotte out there. Why does she continue to be the public/tabloid “whipping boy” for disgraceful incidents perpetrated by others?

    Over the years, I’ve concluded that “Charlotte Bashing goss” tends to be 90 percent B.S., 8 -9 percent gross distortion and 1 – 2 percent barely half-true. .. and I’ve perssnally checked out most if not all of those “incidents” at length, and in considerable detail.

    I rest my case.

    Graham 21 May 2008

  4. sue marshall

    would like to make contact with victoria am an old friend from NZ but been living in oz for past 20 years.

  5. sue marshall

    I would like to make contact with victoria am an old friend from NZ but been living in oz for past 20 years.

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