Empress Garden closes: The mourning of Crispy Duck

Lita’s worst fear has come true.

Auckland institution, The Empress Garden, has closed it’s doors.  The well-established Herne Bay Chinese restaurant (over 26 years old), that served the best crispy aromatic duck (aka Peking duck) in A-land, is now up for sale. 

The cat and I managed a quick duck there only last month, and spoke to staff about the rumours of the Manager’s retirement and threats that The Empress Garden may close. 

In April staff confirmed that there was a buyer for the restaurant, and that they planned to keep operating.  This week, the restaurant is closed and the closest to the kitchen you can get is to visit the Open Home on Sunday 11th May.

How can a Metro award winning restaurant just bow out like this?  And why can’t they update the answerphone with some sort of closure message?  I’ve been trying to pre-order duck for a week, crossing my fingers and praying that The EG hadn’t closed.  Uhoh, tears are forming.

Now where am I gonna get my crispy duck with pancakes and hoisin sauce?  Seriously.  Have you tried this shizzle?  It is the greatest taste sensation; crispy, crunchy, sweet and ducky.  Perfection in a pancake.

Anyone want to go halves 49ths in a successful Chinese restaurant?


6 responses to “Empress Garden closes: The mourning of Crispy Duck

  1. Lil_miz_cheeky

    LMAO…u crack me up chick 😉

  2. Is that a “no” Cheeky? You and me aren’t gonna be 2/49th owners in a wee chinese business together? Hmmn. I think you don’t take duck seriously enough.

  3. lockedgroove


    ill take one of those 49ths

  4. Nnooooooooooooo! Oh god, please don’t let it be true…

  5. Good news! The Empress Garden re-opens soon!!! Same menu with top class Peking Duck. D-Day in mid-late September. Hang in there.

  6. Hey there… was doing some googling and this came up. Just so you know my parents own the restaurant now and it has reopened since the 19th of September. So feel free to come back and eat eat eat 😀

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