Bathroom Photography: Dedicated or Addicted?

Is she  …  ??

  • Wendy Workaholic doing whatever it takes to get Employee of the Month
  • Fully utilising Uncle Google and learning the best way to pee
  • Trying to steal wireless access
  • Shopping for toilet paper
  • Changing her Facebook status to “Wendy Workaholic loves watersports

What else could she be doing?  Let me know what you think in the comments box.

7 responses to “Bathroom Photography: Dedicated or Addicted?

  1. Lil_miz_cheeky

    Hot Desking..sounds like the “quiet rooms” we have at work. Size of a toilet cubicle, no windows. It is only used for when you need quiet time to do your work….but I’d say most of them use the “quiet room” to look @ nekid wimmen.

  2. Ahh Cheeky, I suspect that is worldwide what folk use the ‘quiet room’ for. Indeed, they almost could’ve been built for that very reason, apart from the corporations needing some work done. That probably was the original reason to build a quiet room.

  3. lockedgroove

    i recon she is web camming a skat site

  4. CottonSoft

    I think she has run out of loo paper and is emailing someone to bring her some. Of course they want proof, and that is where the webcam on the laptop comes in handy…….

  5. Perhaps she’s googling ‘line turns pink’

  6. Ew. Scat’s ick. Is there $ in that shizzle?

    I love the idea of insisting on proof of need before providing an item. She could also order a cleaner in by proving how dirty the stall is.

    Ha, it could be ‘line turns pink’ or ‘urine is pink’ – either is a totally googleable search.

  7. She’ll be updating twitter, letting her followers know she is going for a crap.

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