Funny Facebook Status

Facebook is so popular, folk are creating blogs that exist soley to list and categorise Facebook profile statuses.  Blimmin handy.  Lita has been happily plaigarising since finding this blog.  Here are some of the best:

Lita …

  • is brought to you by the letters W T F
  • is not the droid you’re looking for
  • is what Willis was talkin’ bout
  • is not your friend
  • is going around telling people you’re really 46
  • says touch your head.  Touch your nose.  Lita didn’t say touch your nose
  • is boycotting shampoo and demanding real poo

Click here to visit a Facebook Status Generator site cos life is too short to think of your own.  Um, yeah.

When are you going to come and befriend me on Facebook?  We can be friends, it will be fun.  Of course, only until it all ends in tears after too many bakery items sent unacknowledged and a barrage of silly quiz questions which cause me to lose interest and therefore not login for a month or four.  Ahh, Facebook, you bingey little bitch. 

Yeah, you should make Lita your friend.  Just for the numbers, obv. 


8 responses to “Funny Facebook Status

  1. Nice! There is also which is slightly less random.

  2. Oo, that’s good … “Lita is the lesser of 2 evils”

  3. Lita is cooking pork chops in the toaster

  4. realised she was dyslexic when she went to a toga party dressed as a goat

  5. I’m plagiarizing your plagiarizing.

  6. is basically the next best thing since sliced bread

  7. “you dont ave to be faster than a bear”! you just ave to be faster than the slowest guy running from the bear

  8. These are not to bad, are there any adult ones around?

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