Still blimmin Lost

There’s mayhem, main cast deaths and salvation a-plenty in the upcoming episodes of Lost, thankfully starting again this Wednesday night, after a gap in screening due to the recent screenwriter’s strike. 

How do I know?  Cos I am a big fat cheetah.  I cannot help but read ahead and gawk through all the spoilers on Lostpedia – the U.S. is 2 weeks ahead of the show screening in NZ.  Oh boy, some amazing shizzle is about to go down both on and off the island.

You may have seen the brilliant video recap Everything you need to know about Lost in 8 minutes 15 seconds, there is now a shorter (4 minutes 24 seconds) YouTube, narrated by the same sexy voice, that recaps all the way up to episode eight in the current season – which is the latest ep, screened here last month. 

Gotta love how the recap covers all the relevant and important points like “Kate wears cool shades when she goes for her trial.”  I so want those shades.


2 responses to “Still blimmin Lost

  1. NO SPOILERS or I hurt you. I am saving up all the episodes to watch in one giant bonanza Lost weekend.

  2. Oo, tempting. I love it when you threaten me Mrs S.

    You are the 3rd weirdo I know holding on to all the eps to watch at once. You do realise it will be 2014 and television will no longer exist? Jeesh.

    And I shall be here, waiting for you to come running back, begging for spoiler links and we will possibly remincise what it was like in the good ole days of video recorders and 3 telly channel options while I describe in detail how Sawyer makes da hot lovin to the laydies of le Lost island.

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