Ross Kemp is snubbing me

What the hell is going on?  YouTube has now removed all of the Ross Kemp on Gangs Mongrel Mob episode parts leaving my last post about this all gappy and holey.  Ross Kemp doesn’t want to join my gang, and I’m not happy. 

Let’s recap then, YouTube have taken the episode offline and TVNZ cannot show it as all requests to buy the show were met with a “no” from the distributor.  It all sounds so blimmin fishy

  • Why wouldn’t a distributor want to sell their show to a TV broadcaster, international or not? 
  • Why is no reason given for the rejection from the distributor-who-doesn’t-distribute?  
  • And why did YouTube have to remove these vids with the explanation: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by IWC Media Limited” when the remaining episodes from Series 1 (and other series) of Ross Kemp on Gangs are still available? 

Check it out; Rio de Janeiro and London from Series 1 are all still up on YouTube, I was unable to find the Orange County episode, although it is available at QuickSilverScreen.

The Mongrel Mob eps are still up at AOL, I recommend you view them now if you want to see, cos if IWC Media (now a part of RDF Media Group, who incidentally sell other shows to NZ stations, such as Rock School on TV2 and Oz and James’ Big Wine Adventure on Prime) are really out to block online viewing of this ocumentary, then I imagine they will attempt to remove it from other websites too. 

It’s all so ridiculous.  The internet makes telly look so last century, although queries to Uncle Google about Series 1 being for sale on DVD are not proving successful.  Surely there is a statistic out there on the ratio of geeks re-uploading vids to every one vid that is taken offline by ‘da man’.  Copyright, as we know it, is dead baby.

It seems strange to me that our telly folk can screen other series of this Bafta award winning documentary, yet we are unable to watch the episode that was filmed in and about our country.  What’s the big deal?  If the distributor is really saying no, then ask them for a better reason, or has the Mongrel Mob manipulated a deal that ensures the episode is not screened here?

Meanwhile, those of us with bearable broadband connections (this does, in fact, rule Lita out, grrr) will rely on the interweb for our televisual entertainment.  Real clever of the TV people, real clever.


6 responses to “Ross Kemp is snubbing me

  1. And for something more high-brow, if you want to see the finalist dancing their kangaroo fur socks off in So You Think You Can Dance Australia, don’t bother going to their official website, because the video is “not available outside australia” WTF ? It’s been on tele here dumbos.

  2. Ha, yes. Without getting into just how high-brow kangaroo fur socks and dancing aussies really are, this is just like the music industry sticking their heads in the sand about le interweb and its evil magic powers. These telly (and music) folk have to find new ways to deliver their product and recognise information is paua – and da people want the paua. Tis simple.

  3. i like sex cinema

  4. I too do like sex cinema Lijil. Has Ross Kemp done some hot scene I ought to know about?

  5. Lil_miz_cheeky

    LMAO, “sex cinema” that’s abit random….

    I’m so gutted they’ve taken it off air. Now i’ve nothing to watch on Monday nights! Plus TV3 has taken off air Underbelly which has some great sex scenes btw and nice male curves 🙂

    What is up with NZ tv these days?!?

  6. nick_toff_biach

    Its sex in the cinema dick…

    and lita baby

    nice leggs

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