Tim Hawkins: Kids’ Rock rocks

Comedian Tim Hawkins has some hilarious songs for sale on his site.  Lita especially loves the lyrics to the Subway song to the tune of Backstreet Boys I want it that way; “You don’t like my songs and how I make foot longs, I just don’t know what to say, cos I work at Subway”. 

This YouTube vid gives you a taste of Hawkins talents.  Kids’ Rock is a collection of children’s nursery rhymes by the bands you know and love, like Itsy Bitsy Spider by Coldplay and Three Blind Mice by Alanis Morissette.  The Guns’n’Roses ad at the end is genius.

Check out the CDs and click on the linked songs to hear more snippets of classic covers deviously changed up.


2 responses to “Tim Hawkins: Kids’ Rock rocks

  1. Pearl Jam doing Old McDonald is my favourite!
    L ol. Shades of Yellow Ledbetter

  2. Clever eh? I’m hoping my cat or my mother picks up on my use of the tag ‘wishlist’ !!

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