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Photocopier Hell

We’ve all done it.  Haven’t we?  Ahem, ok, Lita has a friend who photocopied their bits just to see what the lighting did for, ahem, their bits. 

This photocopying escapade didn’t go so well for this larger guy … the tres obvious happens, and the guy manning the security desk must’ve been rolling on the floor in laughter-pain.

23% of photocopier faults are caused by people sitting on them trying to photocopy their butts. 


Big Smiles Little Moments

I told you my good buddy, Shuttinz, was brimming with talent.   The world-famous-in-Ponsonby amateur has made the top ten in the Big Smiles Little Moments competition as voted by you, the hairy, smelly public.  Yay!

 Beaming Ms Red

To see Shuttinz’s pic and the other top photographs in bright lights, go to the big city. 

For the month of June, the top 10 photographs will be exhibited in shop fronts and the winning pic will be displayed on a giant billboard along Lorne St, Auckland.

Man Man: Daytripping

My latest music love is ‘viking-vaudeville meets manic gypsy jazz’.  Honest, it is so.  Pop-rock is so LY.  Say hello to Philadelphia band, Man Man.

Wiki says this:

Their musical style has been described as Viking-vaudeville, Manic Gypsy Jazz. Man Man is known for their exuberant live performances. When performing, the members of the band dress in white outfits and wear war paint. The band uses pseudonyms – the frontman is Honus Honus, and its other members are Sergei Sogay, Pow Pow, Critter Crat (formerly known as “Cougar”), and Chang Wang.

Pow Pow and Chang Wang!  I think I’m in lurve.

The magical sound these guys produce from all manner of instruments (including toy horns, fireworks and breaking glass), somehow works and really, really well. 

Check out this vid that follows Man Man as they make their 3rd album, Rabbit Habits.

Hypnotising repeat for Good Morning

You may have heard how ridiculous and delicious the recent April Fool’s day Good Morning ep was, the one where they all got hypnotised by Peter Powers and Brendon Pongia was all over the chef, but not half as brazenly as Sarah Bradley.  Yeah, that one.

It all made for some funny viewing, especially when unco Steve Gray transformed into sportsman of the year. 

If you missed it, you can catch it again on Queen’s Birthday Monday.  The Good Morning team are on hols so they are repeating the infamous April Fool’s episode

Tidy up

These Ikea ads give well reasoned arguments for tidying up after yourself.


Amy Winehouse is now in nappies

Rumour has it that Amy Winehouse has progressed to diapers.  Aww, bless.

Lots of photos of the implied nappy-gate here and here.

Man, it’s so difficult to keep up with trends, this time last year it was knickerless, now the new black is pull-up diapers.  No wonder it’s only celebrities and rich folk that can keep up with fashion trends, the rest of us have to be realistic and stick to our cotton briefs.

Top 8 Most Outrageous Weight Loss Techniques

Obesity expert Betty Kovacs has listed the top 8 most ridiculous weight loss techniques, stating that if these diets and products worked, they would be the cover story everywhere.

  1. WEIGHT-LOSS LIP GLOSS: A second on the lips, a lifetime on the hips? No more! Too Faced Fuze Slenderize lip gloss promises to help shed pounds while plumping your pout. The guilt-free gloss is infused with chromium and L-carnitine, believed to curb cravings and boost energy. “I have absolutely never heard of that,” says Betty Kovacs. “Through your lips? No.”
  2. AIR MAKES YOU FAT: Stop swallowing air. Yes, you heard that right. A recent In Style story suggests that all those additional air bubbles you consume while chewing gum, taking big bites or sipping carbonated drinks fills your stomach with air. “I assume it means that you’re getting bloated,” says Hobday, “but you’re not going to lose 10 pounds by not swallowing air.”
  3. OVERNIGHT SKINNY CREAM: Better yet, lose while you snooze. The potent body balm Fatgirlsleep by Bliss promises to fight flab and diminish dimples overnight with red algae extract, moisture binders and their encapsulated “slenderiZZZe” complex. “There’s no physical way,” says Kovacs of the balm. But don’t underestimate true beauty sleep. “Lack of sleep can be associated with obesity,” adds Erin Hobday. “Getting a good night’s sleep is going to help.” Continue reading