The Official Redneck Sex Quiz

True or false?

  • A clitoris is a type of flower
  • A pubic hair is a wild rabbit
  • A vulva is an automobile from Sweden
  • The term ‘spread eagle’ is an extinct bird
  • A fallopian tube is part of a television
  • It is dangerous to have a wet dream on an electric blanket
  • Copulation is sex between two consenting policemen
  • McDonalds’ golden arches is a phallus symbol
  • A vagina is a medical term used to describe heart trouble
  • A menstrual cycle has 3 wheels
  • Fellatio is an Italian dagger
  • A G-string is a weapon used by G-Men
  • Semen is a term for sailors
  • An anus is a Greek word denoting a period of time
  • Testicles are found on an octopus
  • Cunnilingus is a person who can speak 4 languages
  • Masturbate is something used to catch large fish
  • Coitus is a musical instrument
  • A condom is an apartment complex

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