ANZAC Day Jelly Wrestle

You might already be planning to attend a dawn service for ANZAC Day remembrance, some of them conveniently start at 11am, or perhaps you live near Australia’s Gold Coast and plan to remember the fallen at the Runaway Bay Tavern’s jelly wrestle

In a move that has outraged war veterans, bikini-clad women from Jelly Babes – billed as Australia’s leading jelly wrestling show – will fight it out in a pool of jelly at the Runaway Bay Tavern.

However you choose to commemorate the day, just make sure you demand ID from the little old man selling you the poppy. 

Click here to hear an audio of The Last Post played during the 1956 dawn service at St Faith’s Church, Ohinemutu.


2 responses to “ANZAC Day Jelly Wrestle

  1. I got up for the Dawn Parade! Next time I shall stay in bed, but flail around in some dessert later, to show my repects.

  2. It’s hard to keep up with trends Mrs Smith – maybe next year the whole jelly/dessert wrestling thang will be so very last year. What to do, what to do.

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